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cardboard wine box Homelessness Changed My Life Forever

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-19
cardboard wine box Homelessness Changed My Life Forever
Will you be scared when you see homeless people?I'm sure I'm not alone.When I saw an unwashed, untidy, homeless person on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign, I retreated.Like most people, I think they are begging for money to spend on drugs or alcohol.
I try not to make eye contact and cross the intersection as fast as I can.These are invisible people.Most people just pass by them without noticing that they are even human.I can't do that anymore.My opinion changed forever a few years ago.
Through a series of events beyond our control, my husband and I found ourselves homeless.You might ask, how does this happen?First of all, my husband worked with several priests and employees for a large church.The economy is getting bad and people don't pay as much as they did before, which is the church's fault.
Hard decisions have to be made to get a few people, including my husband, away.My problem is because the church is a non-Profit organizations, they don't need to pay for social security or retirement funds, and if employees don't, you can find yourself like we do without any savings or retirement.Economic Cut-I made very little money over the next year until my employer also felt the pinch, shortened my hours of work and eventually left me.
To make matters worse, I need several surgeries to stop my work for a few months.My husband helped me at home during that time and I will always be grateful.However, the loss of income is devastating.
Many of my Republican friends say there's a lot of work out there if you really want to work.However, this is not as real as they think.Many of the jobs available are the lowest paid and have very little work time per week (such as fast food restaurants ).
Most employ only a part.
So they don't have to pay any benefits.
The most important thing is our age.
My husband and I were in their 50 s at the time, and while no one would admit that the reason for the rejection was age, we all knew they didn't want to hire anyone close to retirement.We lost it all.In the heavy debt, we lost our home and sold everything we could give up.Including furniture, fridge, my beloved book, my husband's movie/DVD collection, one of our cars and many of my art equipment.
The problem got worse because we had nowhere to go.All the apartments we surveyed will not have free apartments in a few months.We put the rest in the storage room and waited.
My friend took us in.
Of course, we have friends and some of them allow us to crash in places like home and sofa.for a while.I love my friends and I want to keep their friendship.It was clear to us that after three days the company, like fish, became annoying and unpopular.
So we spread ourselves out so that no one can stand us for more than a few days at a time.Even King David was homeless.Homelessness is a shame.You feel like you failed.You don't want to make eye contact with anyone in case it's written on your face.You feel humiliated and desperate.If you have nothing but the clothes on your back or the storage room full of things, it doesn't matter, there is no place of your own to lie down, you will feel poor.
At this point in time, when you start thinking about crazy things like who cares and who might as well lie down and die.It's hard not to get into depression when things seem to be bad for you.I remember that King David, God's great and great friend, was homeless, lived in caves, and relied on alms from friends and strangers.
(1 Samuel 22:1-There is more than one way to be homeless.That's when I started looking around.I saw homeless people on the side of the road, just like I have never seen them before.They are no different from me.We didn't spend money on drugs and alcohol.
We are not there because we want to be on the street.We have no mental or social problems.However, next to a cardboard box under a bridge, we are a friend of ours.I saw a huge increase in cardboard village in town.
There are more homeless people there than I have ever seen before.Many people are families with children.I remember thinking that homeless people were just wine.But now I see people of all ages.There are even teenagers wandering around looking for food in the bin.
Some escape from abuse and neglect.
Some people just want to get through without giving up human dignity.Homeless people in the United StatesS.It's going down from 2013 to now, but I'm sure I don't see that in my area.I know there have been a lot of measures and agencies stepping up to give people on the street a place to sleep, but I'm not sure if this really solves the problem.
The ever-For the elderly and the disabled, the increase in housing costs is outrageous.No one wants to live in a box.Of course, some people are homeless because they have problems with substance abuse and their families can't stand it anymore.Some people have social problems, but no one actually wants to be homeless.
In most cases, we want to get rid of our debts and our heavy obligations.There are, of course, some organizations and projects that are trying to help solve the problem.A project like this helps people get out of the street by paying short-term feesAccommodation conditions of motelThis is designed for those who need more time to get into an affordable apartment.
In our case, we actually had an apartment complex we applied for and were waiting for the opening of an apartment.Another project called "moderate demand" helps those who have just gone through terrible economic blows or unexpected bills (such as electricity bills) and they only need enough money to stand up.They turned us down because we had too many bills that were out of our reach.
In some towns there are church-sponsored projects that help homeless people for the time being, as well as state-sponsored projects.In most cases, the paperwork and interview process is so overwhelming and embarrassing that many people are not willing to bother, which is perfectly understandable.We got some help from our church, but we felt so humiliated that we could bring ourselves back to that church.
Another church simply gave us a workbook and video DVD on how to manage your money.Not very helpful.We became self-employed.I believe everything happens for a reason, and I believe God will protect us.In the end, the apartment we could afford was open for us.
My husband started his own video photography business that he always wanted to start.I started creating and creating illustrations for children's books and children's magazines.Although we don't have much extra to go to the party, we are still able to get through what we are doing.
We are still very happy.
How much does it cost to keep a bottle of water for the homeless?Since then, I can't miss anyone on the side of the road with a cardboard logo.I will pass it to him/her if I have a few bucks.If not, I'll pass them the water or trail mix I'm sitting in the car with me because you can't imagine how hard it is to get clean water on the street.
I was very angry when I heard someone talk ugly about a homeless woman or man who just wanted to buy enough food for the day.Many people are convinced that they are thieves or cheaters, and in fact, they are the same as others, but with poor luck, or at the end of the rope.If it's you, don't you want someone to throw a lifeline?If it's your son or daughter, don't you want someone who can spare a few bucks to sympathize with you?How much would it cost you to share a sandwich and a bottle of water?Judging from appearanceWe have become a society that judges only on the outside, without knowing the whole story.
Donating to a charity society that helps the poor overseas is much easier than helping the homeless lady at the end of the street.When can we learn to think of people as people rather than rubbish?It is worth trying to save and help.Sometimes, a little goodwill will go a long way.
But for the grace of God.
The world could be a mean and terrible place.If we can help a person at any time, change is possible.Now is the time for us to stop spending all our energy on animal abuse, at least a little time to alleviate the abused people in our community.
Don't judge the guy on your corner too harshly who hasn't washed his beard.But it may be you for the grace of God
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