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cheap cardboard boxes for moving The Best Toys and Accessories for Indoor Cats: Combat Boredom and Keep Them Healthy

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-23
As we all know, there is a lot of debate between the owner of the cat about whether the cat should stay indoors or allow free roaming outside.I think it's up to the individual owner to make this call --After all, we all want our feelings to be the best for our cats, depending on the individual situation.Since moving to a busy city, my cat Hobbs has become an indoor cat --Very happy and healthy.
But I still feel that it is my responsibility as a cat owner to keep him in exercise, entertaining and stimulating --He is in a healthy state because he is no longer out.Indoor cats can benefit from a rich, stimulating environment by simply purchasing, buying and even creating the right toys and accessories.---I'm not suggesting you turn your home into a cat playground.
Because not everyone has enough space for a huge cat crawl --A frame for them to play and hide or a cat tunnel of huge length.But no matter how big your house is or what your environment is --If you keep your cats indoors, then it is your responsibility as the owner of the cats to keep them stimulating, happy and healthy.Cats are predators.Indoor cats are different in sports from outdoor cats.
This is an unavoidable fact.
If any cat owner decides to leave the cat indoors for any reason, they must accept it.That's why it's important to encourage exercise and play.Cats are naturally sedentary, and even outdoor cats spend a lot of time sitting quietly.
But due to multiple factors, indoor cats may become more lethargic than normalTo give a few examples, depression, boredom and lack of stimulation.Lethargy is a kind of fatigue, manifested in cats through general lethargy, laziness and loss of interest in the surrounding environment.That's why it's critical to keep your cats entertained and stimulated if they live indoors.
Because of this, I suggest you buy a laser indicator for your cat.It's no secret that cats like to chase things.They're predators.hunters.When they chase small animals, birds, and even other cats outsideSo it's important to meet their needs for tracking and chasing!Laser toys for Christmas this year (shown in the advertising window )-What I particularly like is that it has an automatic setting.
You put it on the floor (or on the coffee table) and set it to automatic and the laser will shine randomly.Obviously there's nothing better than interacting with your cat.But if you are busy or are busy with something, you need to keep your cat busy --So the automatic setting is life-saver.
Cats like to hide.
Just put an open box on the floor, on the side of it, and look at it.Nine out of ten, your cat will climb in and spend an afternoon peeping at you.Investing in cat tunnels is a great way to mix your cat's environment and give them a place to hide and play.
These are generally cheap.
You will get a lot of money because they are usually foldable, easy to store and last for a long time.Another advantage of them is that you can put them anywhere around your home --I encourage this.Your Indoor Cat cost 204 hours a day, 7 days a week, stay in the walls of the house.
Create a conspiracy by changing their environment, even a little bit.It is for this reason that I also recommend that you stick to your empty carton for at least a while --Give them to your cat.Obviously, this is not something everyone likes.
Spreading cartons around this place does make things look untidy.But next time you buy something, take the time to think about your cat when you're going to throw away the box.Would it really hurt if you left the box at home for a few days while you were working outside?Just a suggestion.
But simple things like this can make a big difference.Let them catch!Cats like to scratch.Unfortunately, they often shine on the armrest of the sofa or on the feet of the bed or something like that (my cat does tear holes in the sofa!Although this is inconvenient for our owners, we must admit that there is a reason for the cat scratch.This is to stretch the muscles, grind and keep the claws and help the claws fall off.
Simply discipline your cat to scratch the side of the sofa, or pull up the carpet, will not eliminate their desire to scratch.Investing in cat scratch stickers is a way to allow this natural behavior without destroying furniture.The only problem is that cats are naturally picky, not just any old scratch stickers.
Look at the surface your cat likes to scratch and the type of object.Is it an interior decoration?Is it wood like a table leg?Will the material be chopped?Do they draw down an object?Or picking on a carpet or carpet?How high or wide are the objects they like to scratch?These are important questions that cat owners have to ask before investing in scratch posts.Look at the behavior of your cats and then try to select a scratch stick to simulate the surface on which they glow.
My cat is a big cat, he likes to stand on his hind legs and scratch on the bed --Stretch himself when he does.For this reason, I infer that he needs a column that is high, wide, and wide in the base.Cheap scraping stickers are often narrow, and the base is narrow --Cats inevitably pull things over when they catch things.
It's better to invest in a solid, good quality post instead of buying something cheap that doesn't do the work you (or your cat) want it to do at all.Pay attention to what your cat needsBuy the most suitable thing.When you have purchased the Post, place it in front of or near the object or area your cat has been aiming.
The idea here is to allow them to start from scratch freely.But encourage them to do it where they won't make your home look like a squat!Make Them Work!Another way to combat weight gain in indoor cats is to invest in stepping --Allocate toys like the ball.My cat likes cat snacks very much.I mean, really love them.He will bite your fingers to get them.Because of his great desire for the delicious food.
I used to poke holes in the treatment bag with scissors-Then, when I go out to work, put the bag on the floor.I will make sure that the hole is not big enough to allow snacks to fall out easily --He knew he would spend hours fiddling with the bag around the house, picking and picking it to find the treasure inside.The same principle applies to treatment.Allocate the ball.Obviously, you can use an old pair of scissors to save moneyto-bag-The technology I outlined aboveBut one of the great things about treating balls is that they are spherical (duh!).
This allows for greater movement, and your cat will have to run and "chase" the ball, hit the ball and move it until the ball falls off.Not only is this attractive and stimulating for your cats, but it helps to make sure they get some much needed exercise.Don't you like to spoil the bank?I talked briefly about the concept when it comes to using empty cartons and poking holes in treatment bags to keep your cat entertained.
But there are many different, easy-to-make cat toys that you can make at home --As shown in the video opposite.One thing I would suggest is --No matter what you doPut all the toys in the same place.This is because cats are very sensitive (a bit picky) creatures and simple things like an unusual smell can put them off.
By keeping your DIY toys with your cat's regular toys, they will gradually get used to the familiar smell --And it should be more likely to accept and play with your new product.Another trick is to throw your toy on the cat.My cat has his own toy box.I bought a small decorative box at the flea market.
I bought a bag of cat mint and I sprinkled some in the box before putting his toys in.Now all his toys smell like cats.He absolutely loves them!Catnip can be purchased at a reasonable cost from most pet storesIt's a valuable project because it's a bit far away.Statement: I am a writer, not a vet!I have outlined above the toys and accessories that I think are the most important for indoor catsThere is my personal reason behind these choices.
I have to say, however, that I am not a vetI have also not been trained in animal care or animal behavior.If you don't know anything about providing the best care for your indoor cat --Please consult your vet.After all, they are professionals who will give you all the advice you need if you have any questions or concerns.
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