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cheap custom shipping boxes How to Ship Wreaths

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13

Wreaths can be transported through all major shipping companies and the United StatesS.But they must be packed before shipping.Whether you ship fresh wreaths or fake wreaths, the shipping process is the same.Companies usually ship wreaths in custom wreath boxes, which are fixed on the box with kinks to prevent movement.While the public can buy custom wreath shipping boxes from online retailers such as Amazon, it is not actually necessary.Garlands can be safely transported in two boxes.The first box should be slightly larger than measuring the diameter or width of the wreath.Measure the depth and width of the wreath before selecting the box to make sure it fits.Wrap the wreath with a paper towel and place it carefully in the box.Add packaged peanuts around the empty area of the box to prevent movement during transportation.Place the box in a slightly larger box to protect it during shipping.If there is a gap between the larger and smaller boxes, fill the boxes with paper towels, packed peanuts or newspapers until the boxes no longer move with each other.
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