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cheap tissue paper DIY Party Decorations With Tissue Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17
Tissue decoration can bring the feeling of festival and fantasy to your party, and can also create a pleasant atmosphere for your guests.Items like paper towels pom poms and tassels are simple and cheap to make and can be used both indoors and outdoors.All you have to do is follow a few simple steps and hang them up and you end up with some great party decorations that everyone will appreciate.
Neatly stack the tissue and start at one end and fold it into accordion style.1 per fold-1/2 to 2 inch wide.Make sure the edge creases are good.Wrap the wires tightly around the center of the tissue and cut off the excess.Then tie one end of the rope around it to hang the pom.
Fold the paper in half.
Cut the end of the paper towel into a round edge for a floral look or a sun burst effect.Spread out the tissue, hold it in one hand and carefully separate each layer.Fluff as needed.There are 2 paper towels on top of the other floor.
Cut 1-Extend to half the inch width of the paper towel.Separate the sheets, put the uncut ends together and overlap a little.Fold half of your sheets vertically.It should look like a box in the middle, with a bar coming out on the right and left.
Start at the center of the top of the folded tissue and roll it tightly to form a tube with tassels at each end.Bend the tube in half, twist it, form a ring at the top, form a large tassel at the bottom, and then fix the twist with hot glue
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