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cheap tissue paper How to Make a Poinsettia From Tissue Paper

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17
During the winter vacation, a red flower is often used to decorate the house.If you have children or pets in your home, you may be hesitant because of the poisonous leaves of a magenta.Another option to decorate with fresh one pin red is to make and display thin paper one pin red.
The thin paper one pin red is made of red thin paper and chenille sticks, but beautiful enough to be confused with real things.Cut 6 square red paper towels and the sides of the paper are about 6 inch long.Place a square paper towel on a flat surface.
Place the paper towel of the second square on the first square so that the points of the second square overlap the sides of the first square.Layer all the squares of the paper towels in this way so that they overlap vertically.Grab the layered square in your hand and push the middle with your fingers.
Twist the middle so that all layers are twisted together.Wrap the green chenille stick tightly in the middle and stick it in the middle of the twist.Cut out two to three leaf shapes with green paper towels.
Place the Green Paper towel leaves on the snow Neil sticks and wrap the snow Neil sticks around them to make sure they are fixed on them.Use your fingers to separate the red layers of paper.You can now show off your paper towels in red during the holidays.
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