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cheap tissue paper How to Make Fake Coconuts for Decorations

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
The coconut has a brown hairy shell and a bright white center, which is a typical tropical summer accent.At your next luau party, you make them yourself and present them in a variety of ways.What you show in the corner around the space.
A smooth-Textured foam plastic balls are essential to create a more realistic environmentCoconut.The first step in creating an exotic coconut display is to decide whether you want a closed coconut display or a sliceTurn on the coconut display.If you want to cut the coconut, jump straight to Step 7 to start.
For a closed coconut, continue the second step.Heat the hot glue gun when you tear the paper towel to about 1-by-1-inch pieces.Make some larger or smaller pieces depending on how much brown texture you want on the coconut.
The more paper towels you use, the deeper the brown of the coconut, the fuller it is.Glue a 2-First of all, there are square inches of paper towels in the center of the top and bottom so you don't have to cover them later.From the bottom of the foam plastic ball, stick side by side to a paper towel in a clockwise circular motion.
Place a drop of glue in the top center section of each item.Stick only a circular layer on it at a time, make a complete circle, and then stick a circular layer up.Go up from the bottom to make sure all the tops are not at the bottom, which may make your coconut look untidy.
By placing half of the second layer on the first layer, slightly overlap the second layer of paper towels on the first layer.The amount of overlap depends on how many tissues you want to put on the coconut.Continue sticking to the tissue until the entire coconut is covered.
Once you have completely covered foam plastic balls with paper towels, track down a penny three times on black construction paper and cut them off.At the bottom or top of the coconut.Position the circle in the triangle-Shaped pattern, a black circle centered on the top of the other two, much like a bowling finger hole.To make an open coconut, you need a long knife, such as a bread knife, dark brown craft paint and 1/4-to 1/2-A craft brush in inches wide.
To turn your enclosed coconut into an open coconut, cut it in half with a sharp long knife.Try cutting slowly and evenly with a small sawLike strokes, and small-to-No damage to the coconut center.After successfully cutting the coconut in half, complete steps 2 to 6.
Paint with a hand brush and Brown, draw a 1/2-inch-Closest to the previously bonded wide line near the outer edge of the coconut-On paper towels.If you need to darken the brown, let it dry and apply another coat
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