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cheap tissue paper How to Make Flying Paper Lanterns

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17
The flying paper lantern is like a small hot air balloon made of paper towels and simple fire sources.Most of the supplies can be found around the house and can be done in just a few hours.They can launch fun or as part of a celebration.
Many people also think it is good luck to put the lights on.You can write down your wishes or concerns and send it to the sky.An important part of keeping you and your lantern safe is the use of fire spray on paper towels.
It can be found in some hardware stores and online.Hang each tissue on the clothesline and spray it up from the bottom with fireFlame retardant spray.Don't soak the top of your clothes in--When the paper is wet, it will be weak and easy to tear.
Suspension is allowed before drying.
Glue two pieces of paper towels together so that the paper obtained is large enough to hold our lantern of 35 inch by 22 inch.Place the first piece horizontally, glue the second piece along the bottom, and overlap them for about a quarter of an hour.You can make your lantern unique in two different colors.
These sheets make four sets.
Use the card or poster board to create a template for the lantern according to the measurements in the picture (it turns sideways, so the bottom is on the right ).The bottom of the template should be 6 inch, the center should be 11 inch, and the overall height should be 35 inch.Fold a paper towel half vertically and place the template on top along the fold edge of the paper towel.
Track the pattern and cut it off and repeat it three times so you can see the four walls of the lantern.Put down a wall, spread it flat, ready to stick the wall together.Apply a thin layer of glue from top to bottom along the side of the paper.
Place the second spread paper directly on it and stick the two sheets together only on one side.Fold the second wall so that it is placed on the top of the just-glued half.Apply a thin wire glue from top to bottom along the curved edge of the folded paper.
Place the third expanded sheet directly on the top and glue the second and third walls only on one side.As you did with the second sheet in step 7, fold the third sheet so that it sits on the top of half of the two bonded sheets.Apply thin-line glue along the curved edge of the third piece of paper and the expanded bottom sheet.
Put the last piece of paper on it and finish the four walls of the lantern.Allows complete drying of components.Wood ring from 1/16-An inch thick balsa wood.Use a sharp tool knife and ruler to cut two pieces, each 1/4Inches wide, 24 inch long.
Stick two pieces of wood together with tape.Gently bend the opposite end until they meet, make a circle, and stick them together.Use two wire to make an "X" on the iron ring ".
Wrap both ends around the wood to ensure safety.Complete the lantern by connecting the paper towel balloon to the hoop.Apply a thin layer of glue along the inner edge of the paper towel.
Do a short piece at a time, scroll the frame on it and press it together with your fingers.Make sure there are no holes or open spaces.Your Fire source needs to be light and hot enough to float the lantern.
Take a 10-One-inch cotton cloth, folded in half, knotted, give you a small bow.Put it in the lid from the jar or on tin foil.Use pliers to drop wax from lit birthday candles onto the fabric.
It may take 2-3 candles, cover it tightly.Cut off a long wire and circle around the bow, leaving about 6 inch on each side.By wrapping all the wires together, connect them to the center of the wire "X.
Be extra careful when lighting lanterns.
Stay away from dry areas and power lines.
There are two people at the bottom and light the cloth.It takes a few minutes to fill the lantern with heat.Once it's ready, you can feel it lifted from your hand.
Let it go and watch it fly.
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