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cheap tissue paper How to Make Paper Flowers for Parade Floats

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-18
To cover the wireframe of the parade floats, many floatsPaper flowers are used by manufacturers.Homemade flowers can be built cheaply with paper towels and twist ties.Decorating parade floats with flowers requires a lot of flowers, so it is useful to have a large group of people make floats and connect them to the flower cart infrastructure.
Use non-bleed-Print paper towels so that any rain or moisture in the air will not spoil the float.Fold together a few paper towels.Decide whether to use the same color throughout or in different colors.This tissue forms the petals of the flower, so figure out now if you want a colorful flower.
Cut a stack of paper into squares.
Of course, the bigger the square, the bigger the flower.Make some test flowers to determine the size of the flower cart that suits you.Fan-Fold the square paper with accordion.Fold one side up for about 1 inch, then flip the paper and fold the same distance in another direction.
Continue folding this way until the entire square is folded neatly to form a long and narrow rectangle.Use scissors to shape the short ends of the rectangle into interesting shapes.You can cut some scallops or stripes.This step, however, is optional and can be omitted.
By cutting a small triangle from the side, a small notch is cut in the middle of a long edge.Don't go through the rectangle.At the triangular cut, a twisted tie is firmly wrapped in the middle of the paper.This forms the stem of the flower and the part used to tie it to the float.
Hold the flower with a twist and gently pull each layer of paper towel up to the middle.The paper is divided into petals.Let the petals look natural
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