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cheap tissue paper how to repair books by nick vassilev -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-29
cheap tissue paper how to repair books by nick vassilev -
If you have children who love books, they will love them a little bit one day.Books may be torn, scribbled out in the rain or left outside (when I was a child, I used to leave a lion, witch andPerfect old-Bound paperbacks can also stick them together with glue, disappear as they grow older, or crack their thorns in half.To do most book repairs, you need library tape (transparent tape, preferably paper tape designed to repair books), pva glue, a heavyHeavy stapler, used as a heavy object for printing machines (which the Carpenter's deputy will do) and/or sewing machines.
Rubber (rubber) is good for removing pencil graffiti (apparently) on the pages of the book.Torn pages can be repaired quickly and easily with tape.All this requires a stable hand.The page has an annoying habit of not tearing the thickness of the paper evenly, but having a prominent part.
Be careful with these and carefully arrange the torn pieces before recording.Don't try to record a whole page at a time-Work in about an inch at a time.Remember to roll up both sides of the page.
Torn paperback covers can be re-affixed in a variety of different ways.If the cover is torn off (you also have the cover), pin it to the thickness of the book (if the book is thin enough ).Can't fix a fat blockbuster like this, but cheap Mills and welfare romance or children's books can) and then use wide tape or (better yet) wrap it in transparent on top of the nail, and fix the lid on the spine and back.
Staple food near the spineThe page has been printed with "gutter" to allow binding-About half a centimeter or less from the edge.If the entire cover is loose and one piece, then follow the inside of the spine and then evenly apply the pva glue along the back of the page.Put them firmly together, then put them on a pair, or squeeze them down with heavy objects until the glue dries.
If a section is dropped from a perfect bookbinding book, this can also be done.In this case, act quickly as the page may become loose, lost, and start with a perfect page --It is almost impossible for bound books to be replaced.If the central page in the children's picture book is pulled from the Staples used to bind it, open the book flat in the center and reopenNail through the thickness of the book.
Don't try to nail where the old staple food is, because the paper in the Split page may have been torn.Re-Staple food in several places.If the staple food in the book has come out, then simply replace the missing staple food.Children's Books bound with lines can be bound as described above or repaired with sewing machines (if the books are thin enough ).
More durable finishes can be provided using sewing machinesMore durable than the original.Alternatively, use a knitting needle and a thick thread (use a thimble or pass through the old hole to save punching on your fingers ).To dry the books that are in the bathtub or left in the rain, it is important to move quickly.
Put paper towels, paper towels, or even dry towels in.Put these on the whole page every once in a while, then put the book in a warm place with heavy stuff on it, especially if it has a laminated cover.Check and replace paper towels after a day.
If this book is not done yetAfter drying, let the book dry.These methods won't make your book look as good as the new one.But you can still enjoy reading your favorite book.
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