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chocolate box design client of the month – westfield patterns

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-19
Working with our customers and getting to know them better also means we can understand their success and achievements.When you study their marketing strategy with customers, it's always great to hear that this has the desired effect.However, we feel we need to do more to tell everyone.
That's why we introduced a new feature for our blog-our customers this month-to show the success of our customers.Our first customer this month is Westfield Patterns, a UK-based thermoforming packaging manufacturer.Established in 1989, Westfield Patterns is managed by Ian and Angie Whitfield.
They produce thermoformed food and non-Food packaging and production of its own range of productsthe-Design customized packaging for customers.Thermoforming packaging is basically any type of plastic packaging that manufacturers may need to protect products and extend their shelf life, including plastic pallets, food packaging, chocolate molds, chocolate box plug-ins and macarons trays.It's all done in the UK and companies often come to them as they can offer custom packaging for less than they thought and shorter delivery times as they are not from overseasAfter more than 25 years of operation, Angie and Ian decided to need some help in this challenging market.
After the 2008 recession, many British manufacturers disappeared or struggled in competition with China.However, as Westfield has been designing its own tools and production products in the UK, they have found a growing demand for custom services.Coupled with the rise of innovative small food manufacturers such as chocolate makers, handmade cheese manufacturers and bakers, they have helped them gain an advantage.
As a small company, they don't have time to try to take advantage of the growing demand and realize they need help.They have extraordinary ideas because they want us to be another member of their staff, not just pitch their business to a specific audience and generate leads, but follow up on their clues.We have developed a strategy for Westfield to enable them to target different industries.
Over the past period, we have worked together to get leads through methods such as email marketing, social media marketing, and telemarketing.Recently, Angie asked us to carry out an event to promote their multi-6 or 12-cavity macarons tray.This includes email, sample distribution, and lead nurturing systems.
This has been a particularly successful event so far, resulting in new customers ordering 35,000 units and promising to use them as their UK supplier.Angie said: "It really pays off to work with excellent thinking.We have some customers who we would not have had or had contact with without their help.
Angie found out she just didn't have time to do any follow-up work, let alone send any emails.Having an exceptional mindset on board means she can focus on developing new products and focusing on existing customers."Good marketing takes time and requires an ongoing two-way communication process between you and the service provider," she said .
She added: "excellent thinking not only generates leads as part of my team, but they are excellent at following up leads and keep me updated on progress.So what is the future of Westfield?Angie and Ian are currently working on some of their own new chocolate products, including 3D robot molds, guard molds and pig molds.They will be looking for superior thinking to help them find ways to promote this to chocolate merchants and continue with previous successful activities.
Learn more about the Westfield model and what they visit www.Westfield
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