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chocolate candy box stock up on your favorites with classic candy boxes

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-19
chocolate candy box stock up on your favorites with classic candy boxes
People have been eating candy for thousands of years.The word comes from an old Arabic term, meaning "sugar Gourd "."It is now used to describe any sweet candy made of sugar or artificial sweeteners that can be seasoned or combined with nuts or fruits.
Because they didn't have sugar cane, the first candy lover had to make candy with honey in the hive.Later, they rolled the dried fruit and nuts into a honey mixture and made the first batch of candy.All peoples of the ancient world make sweets and sweets with honey before eating sugar.
This includes Indians, Chinese, Middle East, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.Sugar production did not begin until the middle ages, but because it was too expensive, only the rich could afford candy made of real sugar.People continue to eat honey-Until the Spanish explorer remade the candyIn the early 16 th century, cocoa was discovered in Mexico, and chocolate was made of cocoa.
With the continuous improvement of production technology, the price of sugar manufacturing has dropped. By the beginning of 1800, candyOn both sides of the Atlantic, manufacturing is a profitable cottage industry.Sell homemade hard sugar, such as lemon juice and pepper, in general shops and streets, usually for only one dollar, and therefore is called "penny candy ".
The industrial revolution turned candy into a diversified product.Millions of dollars in industryBy the 19 th century, there were about 400 candy factories in the United States.On the other side of the ocean, Swiss chocolate merchants added milk to their muse and created the first milk chocolate bar in 1876.
A few years ago, Richard Cadbury introduced the original Valentine's Day candy box to the UK.Where Are We Now?Candy is more than oneThe United States has a billion-dollar industry.According to the National Candy Association, nearly 99% of households buy candy at least once a week.
Candy has always been a very seasonal food because they are involved in most holiday celebrations, most of which occur in the autumn and winter seasons.More than 2 billion sweets are sold every Christmas, and Americans distribute nearly 0.6 billion pounds of candy on Halloween.That’s about 1.$8 billion in candy!Why do we like it?Neurologists tell us that sugar can make the brain happy.
While it only accounts for about 2% of our weight, our brains use about half of our sugar energy to drive our cognitive processes.Sugar has also been shown to stimulate reward centers in the brain by releasing a natural drug called dopamine.In other words, we like it not only because of its taste.
Candy actually makes us feel good at biochemical levels.It also has psychological effects.When we recall our childhood, what do we remember?Most of us remember playing with our brothers and sisters and friends, family vacations and vacations.We remember that we were able to eat what we had never dreamed of today.
The reason is simple: children need and burn more calories because they are still growing up.But when adults overeat, it almost always goes straight into the hips.Most adults love candy. why not?Many of them live in the Golden Age of sweets.
This is a period from 1920 to 1950, where candy is as popular as teen idols in the United States.Millions of Americans have been enjoying the candy for decades, so it has become a classic.Older people may not eat them as they did when they were young, but are more likely to buy them during the holidays.
Let's take a moment to discuss the most popular classic sweets of the past.Reese's peanut butter has almost nothing to do with chocolate and peanut butter.Reese discovered this classic pairing in 1928, and since then they have become household names.
The Peanut Butter Cup is one of the most popular sweets on Earth, selling about 400,000,000 a year.Classic sweets have simple recipes.Sugar Dad is nothing more than a chewy caramel lollipop launched in 1925.It soon became one of America's best-selling sweets.
Millions of Americans remember sucking a sugar dad in their 1950 s.Although it is not so popular among the younger generation, the brand will always be an important part of the United States.Hersey's kiss "don't fix it if it doesn't break" would be a very appropriate slogan for Hersey's kiss.
The famous drops have remained more or less unchanged since 1907.The company ships about 60 million kisses a day, making it one of the world's best-selling sweets.Classic sweets can be purchased separately or from reliable online sellers.
Find some of your favorite today.
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