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chocolate candy packaging 5 must-try candy bars

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-19
America's love for chocolate began in the early 20 th century.Although it has existed for thousands of years, it was not easily accessible to ordinary people before the Industrial Revolution.After the launch of Hershey milk chocolate bar in 1900, the United States ushered in a golden age of chocolate candy production and consumption.
In the first half of the new century, thousands of new sweets were introduced.Chocolate is the favorite taste of Americans, which is why we consume billions of pounds.Exactly 3 billion a year.The average amount of chocolate per man, woman or child is less than 12 pounds.
All this sugar may not be good for our teeth, but new research has shown that chocolate is resistantAntioxidants that reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.What do we like?Most of us prefer milk chocolate, which may explain why Hershey bars have been popular for more than a century.We also like other ingredients like caramel, peanuts, almonds, nougat and chocolate.
In this article, we will review the quintet of chocolateCandy that has stood the test of time.For the most part of history, Hershey's Milk Chocolate bars have been promoting their top products as "great American chocolate bars ".Few critics would dispute the assessment.Although the taste is subjective, the lasting popularity of Hershey bar is beyond doubt.
Hershey's chocolate craft has always been part of the appeal, allowing them to make chocolate at a price lower than their competitors.In addition to the original milk chocolate bar, they now offer a variety of flavors, including special dark chocolate, biscuits and cream, almond milk chocolate, Krackel and Mr.Goodbar.All of these flavors are sold globally.Charleston chewing is named after the popular dance, and Charleston chewing is one of the first sweets to have no chocolate as the main ingredient.
The inside of the bar is filled with seasoned nougat and then covered in a chocolate coating.Charleston chewing is one of the top-Selling 1950 of candy can still be found on supermarket shelves.In addition to the original vanilla filling, the company added chocolate and strawberry flavors.
Their latest change isVersion of the size, sold in boxes instead of wrapping paper.They are very popular in cinemas and Halloween.Sky Bar, arguably the least famous entry on our list, launched Sky bar back in 1938.
The concept behind it is a bit more complicated than most of its predecessors.Each sky bar has four separate sections, each with a different filling: Fudge, caramel, peanuts or vanilla.Then wrap it up with milk chocolate.Sky Bar is the first chocolate Bar with multiple fillings.
Although it is still produced by its founder (Necco), the Sky Bar has become more and more difficult to find in recent years.Some online candy shops sell them by box.Bosco, a popular maker of chocolate syrup for milk chocolate syrup, has spent more than 70 years finally rolling out its first chocolate bar.Why so long?Beats us!Their syrup was first produced in 1928 and has been selling since then.
Bosco milk chocolate bar was launched in 2010!While it will certainly attract fans of the iconic brand, the company does not offer bars nationwide.In fact, they are promoting it as a special limited edition collection of collectors.Bosco milk chocolate bars can be found online.
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..... It's chocolate, but in fact, Tootsie Rolls are not candy bars.This candy has many flavors and sizes, and is the best-selling chewy chocolate in the United States. it has been a long time.They are sold separately in large quantities.
According to the company's website, more than 64 million Tootsie Rolls are produced and packaged every day!The larger Tootsie Roll is similar to a candy bar, but is more like a log with a pre-cut clip, making it easy to chew or easier to chew.Online candy stores offer nostalgia and hardto-Find candy at an affordable price.Customers can save money if they buy boxes or candy in large quantities.
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