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chocolate presentation boxes how to start an ebay bidding war - free article courtesy ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-03
chocolate presentation boxes how to start an ebay bidding war - free article courtesy ...
Imagine that there are only two people in the world who want what you sell..Only two people..Now imagine more than two people, more people..A bidding war is when two or more people bid wildly against each other, and everyone is eager to have a specific item.
For example, last month, the postcard of artist a may have amazing results.R.Quington depicts the cliff landscape of Hearn Bay, worth 100.By anyone's standards, the value of this card is about 3, and it may be a few more for the artist.
I checked and found two serious bidders, one is the Hearn Bay terrain postcard and the other is the kunton enthusiast, who launched a bidding war and was finally accepted by Hearn Bay as a fairly ordinary seller.a-Garden postcard?Such events are not uncommon.One of my own best-selling items this month, a pair of old-fashioned cufflinks with ancient Greek coins on them, I bought 34 for 3 at the flea market, the last two bidders are the cuff collectors and the Greek coin collectors.
The Greek coin collector won.
You only need two bidders and it doesn't matter if they are interested in the same product or specific part of your product or list.The final result is always the same;Give you more money.You only need two people in this world, and these tips will help you find them.
* List at least two items (or topics) in one batch ).The trick is to make each item valuable in itself and attract more than one person.Cufflinks and postcards are good examples.
I 've seen other wars raging on two completely unrelated postcards;Two books that have nothing to do with each other;A pack of artist illustrated playing cards, one bidder wants a card, and the other collects everything about the artist.* Listed in two eBay categories to achieve maximum market penetration.You can also list in two store categories.
In the list of kunton/Hearn Bay postcard id d under "artist-drawn postcards" and "topography.* Research and use commonly used keywords for your products to attract the highest audience for your products.Go to the eBay Pulse page to get common keywords, or use software such as Adword Analyzer to study the most commonly used keywords and phrases for a specific topic.
Although products such as Adword Analyzer are primarily developed for search engine optimization and Google advertising campaigns, it is also applicable to all areas of the Internet, including eBay.Visit our website,, learn more ideas from top eBayers and other Internet marketers about keyword research.* Free gifts and bonuses are provided to attract the interest of those who sell similar items.
For example, three cufflinks are provided, most of which have two (emphasizing that these things will be damaged, lost, stolen );Free shipping;Add supplementary items such as a lead pin (free or otherwise) that matches the cuff, a free display box for each batch of hair necklaces, etc.* Provide a free gift that is valuable in itself, worth more than the products listed and cannot be obtained from any other source.Remember to replace the free giveaway on a regular basis, as people who buy regularly already have it.
Research and comply with eBay's rules on gifts, bonuses and discounts.The trick is to find someone who doesn't necessarily want the product you listed, but is very interested in freebies
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