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christmas gift boxes with lids top 25 environmental gift ideas by shannon kilkenny

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-18
christmas gift boxes with lids top 25 environmental gift ideas by shannon kilkenny
Now that Thanksgiving is over, the purchase of Christmas gifts is in full swing.The challenge begins!There are only a few days left for shopping, and there may be many gifts to buy;Here are some ways to reduce your shopping time and frustration while having a significant impact on the environment.When you make some changes in buying style and habits, you can make a considerable impact on the environment with very little effort.
It's really easy.
Just follow some of the gift ideas below and enjoy the satisfaction of being part of the green movement by greening your gift.Make it a real green holiday this year.Take heed!Remember, try giving gifts that people need, that can be used, and that are practical.Be creative!1.Annual tickets for movies, concerts, museums, sporting events, outdoor activities or national parks.
Plants, herbs, seeds and bulbs.
Flower pots and flower pot boxes made of natural ingredients.3.Gift certificates for clothing, electronics, books, groceries or vitamin stores.4.Donate to one or more charities in the name of the recipient.
A gift for you!Create coupons for babysitting, movie nights, dinner appointments, weekend outings, massages, yard work, dogs and moreWalk or help with a resume or article, take a computer class, or provide some other talent or skills that you can share.6.An old book or collection.Something of unique significance.Shop in antique stores, real estate sales or flea markets.7.Cook home-Bake candy and put in reusable tin boxes, kitchen containers, or other usable items.
Any homemade items.
Knitted hat or scarf.
Fair-Trade in organic chocolate or coffee.Always a hit.10.Clothes and other items made of hemp, wool or organic cotton.11.A roll of stamps.12.Office supplies such as recycled paper and envelopes.
13 energy-saving bulbs, battery re-Charger or solar chargerPower Products.14.Emergency kit or emergency roadside equipment.15.Board and card games used over and over again.
You can open a savings account for your child and buy stocks or bonds.17.Gift card for gasoline for your teenager or college student.18.Calendars marked with important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings19.
A favorite recipe.
Carbon offset.
This purchase eliminates the negative energy footprint of reducing carbon emissions.21.Music and books.Downloadable books and music.22.Plant trees in the name of the beneficiary.23.24.As your gift, please come to the party.25.Have been a member of environmental protection organizations, health spas, auto clubs for many years.
If you take the time to think about your purchase, the list is really endless.If you consider where the product is made, what it is made of, who made it, and actually produced it, you may reconsider the purchase.Fact: during the manufacturing process, the manufactured item produces waste 70 times its weight.
Wow!To learn more about how to become more eco-friendly when planning holiday parties and events, planning meetings, seminars and events of all sizes, shapes and styles, visit my website: http:/www.A successful
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