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corrugated boxes costing what is corrugated plastic box? -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-12
corrugated boxes costing what is corrugated plastic box? -
The corrugated plastic box is made of corrugated cardboard.Same appearance as ordinary corrugated carton.The main materials are polypropylene and polyethylene.
You can customize a variety of corrugated plastic boxes, mainly in the factory, transportation logistics, product packaging.Used in the packaging industry to protect products from damage.Corrugated plastic boxes are directly welded and cut by corrugated plastic plates with a thickness of more than 5mm, without pipe skeleton, and are compact in structure.
Corrugated plastic boxes are more expensive than cartons, but the recycling cycle is five times that of cartons.Different corrugated plastic boxes in different countries are called different.For example, they are called coroplast boxes in North America, corflute boxes in Australia, and in other pp corrugated boxes, correx boxes, plastic corrugated boxes, and polypropylene hollow boxesThe Coroplast box can be divided into corrugated plastic carton, corflute bone frame box, correx turnover box, fruit box and pet box.
The carton-The molded corrugated plastic box is a corrugated plastic box, which is divided into cartons-Corflute bone frame box in the shape of the Colop box.Corrugated plastic box is a box with superior performance made of coroplast board.It is durable and has good safety performance, which can meet the needs of different industries, especially the first choice of warehouse storage.
Corrugated plastic box is the development trend of the current packaging industry.Due to the price factor of the correx board material itself, its price is not high.The main plastic parts of the box (such as the connection of the pipe to the pipe, the plastic parts, the moving parts of the turnover box, etc ).
Use quality engineering plastics.
Corrugated plastic boxes have high toughness, impact resistance, deformation resistance, wear resistance, frost resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, and long service life.The unique process of making corrugated plastic box host profiles is fixed by the screws of the plastic parts, using invisible design, which improves the appearance of the box.The connection between profiles and plastic parts adopts the process of stamping and drilling to make the turnover box structure.
Strong, no solder joints.
The latest CrossConnection design: special technology for cross pipe with superbike A wear-Resistant sleeve.The close combination with the circular tube not only makes the box structure stronger, but also ensures the operation smoother.Corflute box features non-Toxic, eco-friendly, wetAnti-corrosion-Resistant, light material, easy to process, toughness, tensile strength and tear strength.
Plastic corrugated board made by Correx manufacturer 2300mm in width, thickness 2-12mm, unlimited length, unlimited color.And according to the customer's requirements, produce a variety of defenseElectrostatic, conductive, flame-Flame retardant corrugated plastic box.Corrugated plastic boxes are widely used in hardware, electronic parts, precision machinery, food, clothing, postal, auto parts, refrigerator back panel, refrigerator insulation, frozen food, medicine, sugar, etc.
Coroplast bottle holder also known as correx holder, is widely used in the packaging and transportation of glass bottles.It has the characteristic of protecting the bottle, preventing damage and convenient transportation.Products are righttoxic, non-Pollution, waterproof, moisture proofProof and shock-proof.
Compared with traditional cardboard and wood, it is easy to use and easy to store.It has high social and economic value.Compared with cartons, corrugated cartons are afraid of moisture and perishable.Most glass bottles are filled with liquid.
In the process of transportation, due to the poor earthquake resistance of the cardboard, the glass bottle is easy to break, and the cardboard is not waterproof.Although the price is cheap, the transportation quality of the product cannot be guaranteed and the cost may be increased, so it can only be used once, and the corrugated plastic box solves the shortcomings of the carton.Corrugated plastic boxes can be reused and have a long service life.
After damage, the manufacturer can also recycle and regenerate, which not only plays an environmental role, but also reduces the cost.Compared with wooden cases: wooden cases have poor toughness and high price.In the process of packaging, the corners are easy to pierce the packaged items, and the corrugated plastic box can be customized according to the customer's requirements for size, thickness, toughness and hardness, etc.
PP corrugated carton is a new type of plastic material extruded at high temperature.Different colors can be produced by adding color Masters.The corrugated plastic box consists of upper and lower plates with a bracket and connection in the middle, forming a hollow between the bracket and the root.
The height of the bracket is determined by the thickness of the plate, and the thickness of the formed hollow plate is generally 2mm to 12mm.Corrugated plastic box is a new type of environmental protection material.Friendly packaging materials.No dust will be generated during use, and the service life is long.
It is 4-Life 10 times longer than corrugated board.It can be recycled and has a tendency to gradually replace cartons.On product packaging.In addition, due to the light weight, good toughness, flexible size and relatively low cost of the hollow panel box, the plastic turnover box equipped with various accessories has the power to replace the injection box.
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