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cost of cardboard boxes theory of science behind the pizza box -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-26
cost of cardboard boxes theory of science behind the pizza box -
Everyone will see this pizza box.But not many of us have wondered why it was designed in this particular way?Why use this particular material?Millions of pizzas are placed in pizza boxes every day, does that have an impact on our environment?There is a short history of development.Pizza box with thermostat.Earlier, people packed out pizzas with reusable containers, cartons and simple handbags.When it reaches the consumer's hand, the pizza gets wet/hard with messy ingredients and cheese on it.
For users, eating cold deformed pizza is certainly not a satisfactory thing.In order to overcome all of the above problems faced by consumers, it is necessary to design a pizza box with high patience, affordable, storable and insulated.The box should also have the function of adjusting humidity and must be suitable for packing edible things.
Easy to store: to avoid storage space and compatibility, today's pizza box is a flat cardboard box that can be easily converted into a 3D container that is not much folded.The flat foldable feature of the Pizza box makes it easy to store.2.Affordable: the cost of the box has been shared and will eventually be paid by the consumer.
Unnecessarily, the consumer should not bear additional costs;Increased pizza bonuses may reduce demand.At the same time, the pizza manufacturer cannot bear the cost, so the pizza box container should be cheap.As a solution, simple cardboard materials are used to build the body of the pizza box.
The cardboard is made of solid cardboard and single-wall corrugated cardboard.3.Resistance: The pizza has different sizes and the average medium size can weigh up to 500g, so the box should be strong enough to keep the pizza intact.Geometric Design and the materials used when making the box make it maintain the stability required for the pizza.
The folds on the wall of the box are connected at the edges to increase its stability.The corrugated structure of the cardboard increases the strength of the box.4.Humidity regulator: After cutting, the pizza is packed directly from the oven/furnace, and if it is not breathable, the steam generated will condense and make the pizza damp to avoid this, there are circular holes here and there, which will allow the steam to leave the box and make the pizza brittle.
It must be like this.
Maintain the quality of the pizza: Additional note is that the upper shell of the carton is lined with a thin layer of aluminum foil to avoid the impact of the carton by absorbing the pizza to change the quality of the pizza due to the absorption properties of the cardboard, oil and spices.If aluminum foil is used under the pizza, it will heat and steam the shell between the foil and the bottom of the pizza, making the pizza damp from the bottom.6.Pizza savers: by using all of the above techniques, they can find a solution to keep pizza crisp, but that's not enough because pizza doesn't have any control over the base.
The sports meet makes cheese and toppings stick to the top inside the cardboard.Then the pancake package was invented, and the pancake package is a report of the monthly cross-shaped round final accounts.The 5 inch heat-resistant plastic holder is perforated in the middle of the pizza and extends above the pizza, thus avoiding the lid from touching the pizza ingredients.
The thickness of the cardboard at the bottom half is higher, while the cover part is slightly thinner, which side can be visually identified.7.Most pizzas are served with hot pizza.But consumers don't always live next to pizza, and most of the time distance and traffic delays make it difficult to provide hot pizza.In order to ensure that the heat does not lose during transportation, special bags are used, which is a built-in electronic heater that continuously generates low heat during travel.
With the above materials and designs, today's pizza manufacturers can offer hot, crisp, complete pizza ingredients.This is not the end, however;Constantly innovate and improve the competitive power of the industry.We offer a cleverly designed package and a wedge-shaped pizza box at Green Handle that stops the traditional square box with a detachable end in addition to keeping the pizza fresh and crisp, hot and complete is also good for easy eating without getting your hands dirty and supports storing it clean for later use.
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