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by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

Plasbox Manufacturing is an Australian-owned family-owned business with its headquarters and Manufacturing plants in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.Plasbox has been offering cardboard and plastic packaging products for more than 26 years.New owners were acquired in 2008.The new owners are starting to bring new life and new ideas to the Plasbox.The business relocated to an updated, larger and brighter location in Wetherill Park, also known as the industrial center of the new state.Together with their close alliance abroad, they have been able to bring alternatives to Australia's manufacturing industry when needed, and be able to manufacture products overseas when time permits.When your business is completely online, your first physical touch point with your customer is your packaging.There is no effect of an in-Based on personal experience, your packaging needs to be lightweight to make sure your customers buy from you again.Custom Box design for E-Business will personalize your product as your customers will feel like you are just trying to package their orders for them.Instead of sending a blank brown box, make your product stand out!We don't mean to make all your packaging neon green with a lot of design (unless that matches your brand, of course), but rather make your packaging look like you.Your customers will be able to identify your product right away, which will help build excitement for their orders before they open the box.In addition to helping your packaging stand out, custom box design can also protect your product better than regular boxes.Packaging protection is particularly important for e-commerce.Commercial business, because the transportation process is different compared to traditional retail.Goods ordered from physical stores are handled on average five times on the journey to customers.Most of the traditional retail shipping process is done with forklifts and pallets, and there is little room for damage to the package (although this does happen ).) In e-Business, when the package moves between the shipping center and the delivery truck, it may be handled 20 or more times manually.There are so many people dealing with your product before it reaches its destination, which involves a lot of risk.Custom packing boxes ensure that your product is protected as much as possible, as you will create a package that is exactly what the product needs to perform.Plasbox can provide you with most of the packaging requirements, because Plasbox can provide cardboard packaging, plastic packaging, window box, shelf tray, slitting of plastic roll, plastic film, manufacturer of vacuum forming products for many different needs and thermoforming packaging.
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