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custom business packaging Custom Packaging Tape for e-Commerce

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-22
Hi, I have a custom packaging tape company that is able to print images and illustration graphics.I have been selling on Amazon and eBay for personal use, but I would like to consult with e-commerceBusiness professionals at this forum.1.Do you agree that better images of the Packaging Tape will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty?2.
What is the best way to pack the top 500 ElectronicsBusiness Company?3.If the tape is free with ads from the world's top 100 companies, would you use it?(Example : Ad-Tape supported by Lexus) 1.Full color CMYK Digital Print 2 for any graphics and images.
Long repeat image (20 inch-Enough to cover most boxes) 3.Strong adhesive (in-40F: freezing grade) 4.Premium thickness (2.5mil)5.Short lead time (in 5-7 working days) 6.Various lengths (45 yards, 110 yards, 1,000 yards) and widths (0.
5 ~ 7.
4 inch or more.
No installation cost, no plate fee, no insurance fee.You can print with any background color (not limited to 8 standard background colors) and enjoy all your comments and suggestions.Email to reply faster: Thank you!
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