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custom mailers how many factors to better target turning 65 prospects ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13
The 65-year-old outlook is just one of the most productive parts of the insurance business.At some point in your career, insurance agents try to create business in this segment of the population, but many give up and a few succeed.Nevertheless, direct mail marketing is the main tool for generating leads in the population under 65.By no means, just sending emails to people under 65 in some specific areas through direct mail marketing will not be able to successfully generate high-quality leads under 65.There are more important details to consider when the laser is aiming at the right prospects to generate enough high-quality leads and get a decent return on investment.It is highly recommended that insurance agents have a detailed understanding of their prospects within their target geographic area.However, it should be noted that this is not a demographic for the prospects in that particular area.In fact, the population structure of insurance agents themselves is the most important factor to consider.This will undoubtedly affect the quality of mailing lists, so it will also target potential customers over the age of 65.In order to have a better mailing list, the design of the mailing list should be further enlarged.The exact age of the prospect must take into account whether he will be 65 in the next six or three months, or whether he is 65 now, or 65 a month or two ago.Understand population statistics and consider timeThe age of your potential customer should improve the quality of your direct mail insurance lead at age 65.In addition to the above factors, in order to motivate his potential customers to take action, the insurance agent should also pay special attention to the information of the sender of the mail and make it relevant to the demographics of his potential customers.To give a concise example, this information should be different from the prospect of 65 years old in three months, as well as the prospect of living in the city and 65 years old in six months.Until now, you have read the demographics of your potential customers, the information in the direct mail message, and the importance of the time of the message to the age of the potential customer.However, the design of your direct marketing mail also plays an important role in generating high-quality insurance leads for your direct mail marketing success.This will bring the whole discussion back to the prospect you are aiming.In any case, you still have to have a good understanding of your potential customers in order to make the right decision to send a color postcard, or maybe a smaller postcard than a larger size postcard.At this point, there should be no doubt that you should not expect to generate high quality insurance leads by sending regular prepared emails to potential customers with different demographic traits.If your goal is to improve the success of your direct mail campaign, you should definitely know what your goal is and choose to compare to a regular mail sender, customized mail senders prepared according to the exact demographics.
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