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decorative boxes with magnetic closure Denim Skirt Handbag Project

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-31
decorative boxes with magnetic closure Denim Skirt Handbag Project
Whether my denim skirt handbag was designed for a holiday like July 4 or the baseball team or for the fun of everyday life, it's almost impossible for me to recreate the same bag.There are a few unique reasons for each and most of them are simple and practical, although my main reason is that I don't want to repeat even if it's wise to repeat the design.Interesting new design!A fan of Gamecock ordered one of my denim skirt handbags, so I decided to make three and let her choose one of her favorite.
The two she refused will most likely be sold because I don't have any close friends or relatives who support the game.Since I have this order, this is a great opportunity to share a "how" hub with anyone interested.I can make a series of all three bags, or more ---Let's see what's going on here.
It can be seen online, but many of them look pretty hippy or hobbosh.By taking the time to plan the design thoughtfully and then making it carefully, you can make an elegant bag for others to ask where you bought it.The size of the denim skirt, Lady or girl, depends on the size of the bag you want to make.
I recycled it for the second time.
hand stores.
Poly/cotton fabric, about 2/3 yards.
If a lining pocket is required, 1/4 yards of contrasting Poly/Cotton (left on the denim if the weight is light ).âx80¢ Iron-On the interface, about 2/3 yards, choose the stiffness you want.(I prefer medium-weight interfaces.One of the products that stop wear.Supplies needed for the handle you choose.
1) measure the length on both sides of the skirt, 1 mile longer than the bag you want.Mark each side and use straight-Make the edge of the cutting line.Tip #1: Make sure your length/cutting line does not interfere with any pockets or details of the bag you want to keep to you before measuring and cutting.
Make the cut.
Tip #2: cut slowly on any seam on the skirt layer, usually just the seams on the back and sides, but there may be a lot of seams on these seams.2)xa0Spread the skirt to the top of the lining fabric and use it as a pattern for the cropped lining.Place the bottom cut edge of the skirt at the fold of the lining fabric and add 1/2 to the top edge.
Put the lining aside.
3) Turn the skirt out and be careful not to stretch the edge of the bottom cut.At the seam of 1/2 at the bottom of the skirt.Second stitching.4) flatten the corner of the skirt and carefully align the bottom seam with the side seam.
Measure to 2 points, pins, markers, and stitching from points down the center.Second stitching.Tip #3: make a paper triangle as a pattern if you are not sure if the straight line is straight.Cut 1/4 of the triangle from the seam, put a product point at the end of each seam to prevent wear-Don't forget any center seams.
Allow drying according to packing instructions.Your denim skirt is now the shell of a denim handbag.Turn it to the right and press the corner with your finger to a good point.
5) Âxa0Cut iron-On an interface 1/4 smaller than the lining.Iron in place according to packing instructions.6) If you put your pocket on the lining, now is the time.
For this project, I layered a small pocket on a large pocket.First, cut all the pockets into the desired size.Fold the top of each pocket and iron.Fold the two sides in half, then iron.Fold the top again, iron and sew to the hem.
Place a small pocket on a large pocket and flip it back like the bottom hinge so the right side is together.Nail in place and sew 1/4 seams.Fold pocket and press in place.Nail the edge of the pocket and sew it.Put a drop on the top of each side seam to stop wearing the product.Repeat the process with each pocket and sew the large pocket on the hand bag lining.
7) fold the lining on the right side together and fix it.1/2 seam per side.As with the handbag shell (refer to #4 to review this), flatten the bottom skirt corner and carefully align the bottom seam with the side seam.Measure to 2, pin, Mark and stitch from the point down the center.
Tip #4: make sure the corner triangle of the lining is the same as the corner triangle of the handbag shell.Second stitching.Cut a triangle of 1/4 from the seam.Tip #5: There is no bottom seam for this lining.Pressing the stitched lining to fold clearly at the bottom can help you align the seams of the angular triangle.
8) the handle of the denim skirt handbag can be made in many ways.The future hub of these handbags will include the direction of various handles.This special bag has a handle, the handle is made of a large amount of fabric cut from the bottom of the skirt and left on the lining fabric.
To create a base that connects the handle to the handbag, design and cut a pattern of paper, and then fix the fabric and cut it.The bottom of this pattern is about 3 1/2 wide, the top is about 2 1/2 wide, and the length is about 6.Tip #8: For this handle base, the wide end is the bottom.
Make sure the handle base pattern is fixed to match the pattern of the lining manufacturer, not updown.Cut 2 iron on the interface and press on the back of the base of the lining handle.Fix the right side of the handle base together and stitch the sides to keep both ends open.
Turn and press, then stitch the sides at the top.Tip 9: think carefully about what color line you want to use, especially at the topStitches are displayed on the contrast fabric.9)xa0Fix the handle base on the handbag housing, measure evenly to the center on both sides, and stitch in place.
10) depending on what kind of closure you want to use, this is when you install most of it.According to the packing instructions, the ordinary magnetic closure of this bag is installed in the lining.Tip #10: be careful to determine the best position to close.
This cannot be installed too close to the top edge or too close to the top of the pocket.11) insert the handbag lining into the housing and turn the top edge below, nailing about 1/4 from the top edge of the handbag housing.Align side seams carefully.It takes a few minutes to properly simplify the lining into place.
Tip #11: consider specific details (zipper, belt loop, tie belt, etc ).) Learn the details of your denim skirt bag before installing the lining in order to be ready to bypass them.If there are many details on the belt, you can decide to manually sew all or part of the lining to the shell.
The handle is woven and metal trim is added.Determine how long your bag handle will take.Cut two 2 pieces of 2-inch wide fabric from denim fabric, and cut one piece from the lining fabric to make them 3-inch longer than the length of the finished product you want.
When finished, the pigtails of this bag need 12, so the cut length of each of the 3 pieces is 15.The right side fits together and closes the sides of each part with a 1/4 seam.Turn and press the seam behind.Place two denim pieces side by side, then center the printed fabric piece to the top.
Nail and sew at their end.
Weave the handle, keep it flat while you're working, and pull the braids a little every few inches.Sew at both ends and trim.Turn the end of the handle base within 1/2 and insert the weaving end.--xa0Press neatly and sew together.Details added to this package are shown in the photo.
Deciding what details to add to a denim skirt handbag is an interesting challenge.Tip #12: jump out of the box and try to use the decoration in other ways, or use items that are not usually considered decorative.Tip 13: it is a good idea to use wear prevention products to modify the wear areas of these handbags.
Top and pocket edges, any spots that look a little worn, the bottom corners can be reinforced using one of these great products.After many promises, I was finally able to post a second hub in this denim skirt handbag collection.Waiting for you.Hopefully I will be able to continue this series this summer until next year.
Thank you for watching this!An interesting event twist happened when I posted Project #3..Pack, pack!!A collection of package ideas.Paint a T-It is part of the 4 centers of the children's design series.
For simple baby blankets that look a lot more than originally..For storing process supplies.Use holiday fabric-Bonus, they are reversible!
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