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empty chocolate boxes to buy Thin red line between a safe haven and fiery hell

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-03
empty chocolate boxes to buy Thin red line between a safe haven and fiery hell
When I was a child, I knew that summer was coming, and it was time to put my favorite things in the box.Toys, photos, artworkThey were all put into a box and placed in the cellar under my shop.They sit in the middle of a box of important paperwork, passing heir and other irreplaceable things that have accumulated for a lifetime.
If the time is up, we will probably be sitting in these boxes as well.This is not so much the beginning of summer as the beginning of the fire season.Summer in rural West Victoriaand still is -About the time of the jungle fire, not the if question.
We grew up hearing about Ash on Wednesday and burned.There is leave early every year.For mom, there is too much pressure and panic every year.The ABC local radio station is constantly monitoring anxiety, always seeing the horizon and smelling the smoke in the breeze.
The nearby Grand screen National Park was a victim in January 2006.I walked around the yard looking for a live fire caused by the Ashes that Dad had fallen while flushing the roof.Our rain tanks and dams are almost empty.We had to buy bottled water because the soot contaminated our drinking water.
We could hardly see the top 20 metres, the smoke was so thick.But when the sun goes down, all we can see is the red line on the horizon, showing us where we don't want the wind to blow.The fire caused by a lightning strike killed two people and destroyed more than 40 houses.
It sucks but it didn't even start to get close to February 7, 2009Black Saturday.We can run through the history of the bushfires in Victoria, tazhou and Australia forever.However, the best thing we can do is learn from them.
The state government has launched a fuel reduction program, which has been implemented on nearly 30,000 hectares of land so far this year.It was ugly to see the burned-out paddock and jungle, but another situation was worse.This season, we have seen a full ban on fire for a few days.
It feels like they come earlier every year.Like Christmas decorations in the store.The fire season is growing-Some scientists say this is just another effect of climate change.This may well be the case, but this is not a debate.
My first summer in tazhou, there was no box to put in a safe place.There seems to be no obvious burn-We did not receive a visit from the school firefighters to tell us what to do in an emergency.I don't know where our nearest "safe place" is in the event of a fire.
In the past 10 years, fires in tazhou will change the state's view of summer forever.It seems that people are now more aware than ever of the power of nature and how unprepared the country is.How many Tassie townships have only one way in and out?What would happen to those towns if the road was cut off?Burn-The trade-offs are the beginning, but they are not the only part of the puzzle.
Tasmania state fire department regularly hosts information nights and community forums and provides a great deal of resources for families and communities wishing to develop a Jungle Fire Survival Plan.As we focus on surviving a season ahead, we need to start planning bigger prospects and nurture a new generation of jungle fires --Tasman ready
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