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extra large cardboard boxes moving is symbolic -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-28
extra large cardboard boxes moving is symbolic -
Move the dust from your past.It can remind you where you have been and ask you to question where you are going.In all the cartons and packing tape, you will find yourself lost at the same time.My parents moved.Move the 15 th in one of their lives.A few months later, they will move again once their new house is ready.
They’re down-As I can see, adjust their family size and improve their happiness.Trade in their empty bedroom.Nester house is a smaller family that can enjoy more life and time with family, providing dad with an oversized garage and a guest room for his grandsonOn the way to help them move on the 16 th, my husband and I have been helping to put things in storage, which may or may not be the last time they move.In all the spring cleaning and packing I have been finding ghosts in the attic.
You see, when you start taking things out of the closet and cleaning up the attic, you start to wonder where these things came from.When you look closely at every relic, you will find the bits and pieces of your soul.In the elementary school notebook, the old yearbook, my first teddy bear and cheerleading uniform, I found a bunch of photos mixed up with old negatives and trash.
What are you buried under-was-I-Think about the souvenir, a stack of photos took the air straight from my lungs-we were there.That was the day I graduated from high school.My mother planned a wonderful family celebration including games and pineapple cakes decorated with daisies.
Next to me is my aunt Karen and cousin Rebecca.Their smiles are as bright as their spirit.In the days when I graduated from high school, I felt the ebb of opportunities in my life.
The new door opened.
I don't know what will happen in the next few years.Karen and Rebecca are dead today.For those who know and love them, the way they leave this Earth feels great sadness and anger.When I think back to the young self I didn't know, standing next to them in such a happy moment, I cried.
I couldn't help crying.
This is a symbol of life.
It reminds you that it is always changing.Never constant.The days may be long, but the years are short and bittersweet.While dust may fall on our items, there is a changing world outside our cartons.
There is a lot to learn from the review, and there is a lot to learn from living there.What I have learned in all the actions is that you can choose what to stick to and what to give up.You must let go of the pain so that your hand is free to hold on to what you have left behind.
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