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flower box delivery 5 florists’ secrets to keep your wedding bouquets fresh

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-13
Weddings are moments that give you a unique, fresh feeling of joy, in which everything needs to be kept fresh around it, including the wedding bouquet you have in your hands.The bouquet is all about flowers, the more you care about the latter, the fresher you are.That's why even if you buy a bouquet of flowers or bouquets for your wedding, you go to the flower shop.Very few of you are also willing to take some guidance and courses under the observation of professional flower shops, which are also trainers.What's the secret of making these flowers?Why is the flower not even allowed to be touched by a single form of impurity?Because they have a lot of knowledge.However, you don't need to be so upset about what they think, as this article will provide some ways to make sure your wedding flowers are safe on a big day, including a neglected factFlowers delivery day in Sydney, most of you will regret it later.To learn more, read on.Once you get them from the market, we will go and trim them first and you will have to trim them.Why?This is because some bacteria and other microorganisms and things that are contaminated can make them sick at any time.Cut off the extra leavesShorten the stem and remove any impurities you don't seem to need very much.However, do not over-trim or bare flowers.The use of time will use some tips and tricks is not only important to win the hearts of lovers, but also useful to keep flowers fresh and safe.Put a copper coin in a jar or vase.Copper is a substance that attracts the main concentration of bacterial inhibition and ultimately maintains the risk of floral infection.Wait!They Eat?No, it's not science fiction, it's reality.Yes, they do eat if you feed them.Still confused?The problem is that there are some chemicals in the market that you can dissolve into water to provide flowers.It's common to use it only as a fish food and you can't ignore the number of apps.Doing something wrong in this area will eventually hurt your flowers.Don't worry if you don't have fresh food!Use sugar.However, since sugar can breed bacteria, you should use a little white vinegar to fight the attack of the bacteria.But use both materials in the right proportion, if you don't know, then talk to one of the best wedding florists in Sydney to get the proper knowledge.Frankly, don't spoil those flowers!Cool!Yes, the flowers keep cool in order to keep the flowers healthy.But the cold will hurt them.Use cold water in a vase (but do not use cold water ).On top of that, put them in the fridge, but moderately cold.Sometimes, if transported by a regular vehicle, the delivery of flowers will cause wilting.The flower artist recommends the transmission of flowers in special vehicles equipped with refrigeration systems.To some extent, this is very healthy for flowers.For some of the final cinnamon flowers, they are part of the creatures cut into, and they are kept in vases with water for personalized purposes.In this regard, you have to change the water every day.This will avoid the risk of additional contamination and keep your mood and flowers fresh.
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