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flower box delivery build a simple planter box -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
Love flowers, but there is no space--or the desire --A garden?You may want to try to make your own flower box, which can be any size you have...The planting box was built with love flowers, but there was no space-or the desire --A garden?You may want to try to make your own flower box, which can be any size you want.This planter box is built with an external frame at the top and bottom;Then you put the Cedar panel on the frame and add the bottom panel.
After that, just add plants anywhere you want to put!Expert tip: Be sure to draw a chart before building anything.Remember: you can't build it if you can't draw it!You don't have to be Leonardo Di Finch, just as long as you can read it!!Your chart will help you determine the size of your project and the amount of wood you need.When you go shopping, just take the completed chart with you and you will be sure to get everything you need for your project.
Material: four months 26 inch length Cedar cedar four months to be taken on both sides of the length of the inch with the end plate month 36 inch half month two seat plate month inch × 12-24 inch × stainless steel galvanized DingTalk wood glueAll of our parts are pre-cut so they just need to be assembled.Go home if you can't or don't want to cut your own wood-The supply store usually charges you a small fee.Expert tip: Before starting the hammer, use sandpaper to rough the percussion surface of the hammer.
Well, it's unlikely to slip away when you work.Build frame build top and bottom frame from 1x2 cedar strips.You will piece the ends together so there is no need for a Mitter.
Fix two 26 "bars on two 13" bars to form each rectangular frame.(You need to make sure that the length remains 26 \";For this reason, the end of the shorter belt is docked with the longer belt.The thickness of the two longer bars will increase by 1 inch for each end of the shorter bars, increasing its length to 16 \".
Do this at each end of the longer bar to form a rectangular frame of 26 \ "length 16 \" wide.)2.Apply a grain of wood glue at the connection of the wooden strip;Then nail them together with a nail at each connection, ready to insert the screws to fix them more firmly.3.Pre-drill before screwing the end together;This helps prevent division.
Then insert a screw in each corner.
Side panel 1.
Place the two frames on their sides and apply a wood glue on the inner surface of the bottom side frame (long side.2.Attach the four side plates to each long side plate, smooth the side plates and nail them from the inside.Make sure the frame is flush with the end of the panel on at least one side, otherwise the bottom panel will not be installed properly.
If the other side of the panel is jagged, you can smooth them later with a trim saw.Tip: Since you are nailed from the inside, you may have to nail at a slight angle.The advantage of this is that it hides the nail head on the outer surface of the window frame.
Repeat step 2 on the other side of the box.Connect the end plate 1.Stand the half-On the box finished at its end and apply a wood glue to the inner surface of the bottom frame.2.Connect the two panels to each end in the same way as used to connect the side panels, and again make sure that the ends are flush at the bottom.
Repeat the process at the other end.
Connect the bottom plate 1.
Check and adjust if your box is square if necessary.2.Use the glue and screws to connect the three bottom plates to form the bottom of the planter box.The base will reinforce and support the box.
Drill a few holes in the panel so the water can escape, or just leave a gap between the panels.Lightly polish any rough edges and corners to smooth the pieces.It's time to feel, smell, kiss and hug your new planter box as it looks so great and you do it yourself!Homework!If you wish, you can stain, seal or decorate your pot and paint your home decor.
However, because you use Cedar, it can remain unfinished: Cedar is one of the best wood you can use for external applications.This flowerpot is a good size for potted plants, but you may want to add a plastic lining and fill it with soil (add a layer of gravel first ).If you do, don't forget to drill holes on the liner, aligned with the drain holes at the bottom of the planter.
Enjoy planting!.
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