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flower box delivery growing flowers in the philippines -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-20
When people hear the two magic words "Philippines", the mind is filled with beach with body-building, lively music, delicious food scattered on the golden skin, sports icons and exotic animals that can only be found in the original rainforest.How do you like the flowers?The Philippines is home to the most beautiful flowers in the world.The tropical climate may be too extreme for sensitive flowers like roses, so many professional growers choose to use greenhouses to control the weather.
However, other flowers such as anzuhua, ginger, Bird of Paradise, heliconias and orchids are also very suitable for tropical weather.These flowers are easy to plant in hot and humid weather, a trademark of the Philippines.Flowers can be planted in the traditional way, that is, in the flower bed.
Growers plant seeds in the soil, waiting for the flowers to grow, while taking care of it patiently.Growers protect plants from soil and external pests by using appropriate pesticides.Fertilizers are used to enrich the soil to ensure that flowers are appropriate in addition to giving water and proper amount of sunlight every day.
Since the Philippines is a tropical country, the weather is prone to extreme and sudden changes, so there is a great risk of planting flowers traditionally.The grower may lose all his or her crops because of a sudden surge in temperature or heavy rain.This is unrealistic because the loss of time, labor and capital can never be replaced.
That's why Philippine flower growers use greenhouses to grow flowers for commercial sales and exports.The greenhouse provides a controlled environment for the optimal growth of flowers.As the greenhouse is sealed, the risk of pest invasion is also greatly reduced.
All flowers are more thorough in the greenhouse than in the exposed flower beds, because all the necessary conditions are maintained at a lower cost, time and manpower.After harvest, flowers are delivered directly to the flower shop.These flower shops, in turn, provide flower delivery services to customers.
High delivery efficiency and high pressureFree of charge, this makes the florist competitive not only in the quality of the flowers, but also in the quality of the service.In fact, delivery is not limited to the Philippines;It also exports flowers to the rest of the world.And why not?Their beauty is only famous and unique charm in the Philippines!.
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