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flower box delivery valentine's day sales set to bloom for online florist

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-12

(1888 press release) as the credit crisis begins to loosen control, lovers are expected to give Valentine's Day gifts to their partners this year.Serenata Flowers, a leading online retailer, said it expects sales to grow by about third from last year.In February 2009, the country was in its worst recession, forcing couples to tighten their belts on Valentine's Day.But selenata believes her husband, wife and partner will relax their wallet --On February 14, splurge and splurge cash on flowers, chocolates and champagne.Peter Ahl, general manager of Serenata Flowers, said: "Last year was tough and people didn't spend that much on Valentine's Day gifts.But there are signs that there will be a difference this year.We are looking forward to a 30% increase in sales of our flowers, chocolates, wine and champagne."There are signs at Christmas that people are starting to spend more money, so the bud of economic recovery is bound to emerge.Let us hope this will continue.Selenata is an independent city in London.Online retailers based in the British capital and other parts of the UK send flowers every Saturday.Online flower delivery also has two sister websites dedicated to online wine and chocolate delivery, which are looming on the horizon for the crazy busy preparations for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day (March 14.Best-The seller is expected to include the selenata flower "a dozen red roses", which offers them for a special price of £ 29.99, its gorgeous cross-Heart Bouquet (49.99).In addition, the company has launched a range of luxury baskets and champagne.Free delivery by Serenata, recently launched the "avoid school running" delivery slot and Saturday morning delivery.
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