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folding paper box Origami for Harmony and Happiness

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-15
folding paper box Origami for Harmony and Happiness
An old Japanese legend tells us that any desire will come true if you fold 1,000 cranes out of paper.Some people do this: they buy some special paper sets and they can make birds in a few hours.Paper is one of the greatest inventions of human beings.
It was born in the east, where the first paper figure was created.In its long history, origami passes from temple rituals to the art of bringing beauty and joy to millions of people around the world.Is the name of ancient origami art derived from the Japanese word "oru --Folding and "kami "-paper.
This is of course an art because the creator shows a series of his images in it.Origami is based entirely on geometry, and each fold is determined by the laws of mathematics, a method closest to God's secret plan.Similar to the world vision system, hieroglyphics, where symbols are paper numbers.
Objects of the universe, natural phenomenaEverything is reflected in symbols and folded from paper.Surprisingly, the world is presented in an abstract language.The origin of this linguistic mechanism is tempting.
Nevertheless, things depicted in this unusual way are universal and open to everyone.This is why origami is popular around the world.But origami is a culture where every culture has its origins and has a unique philosophy, a basic concept that goes back to the past.
When folding numbers with paper mills, we have the potential to encounter something bigger than mastering volume and spatial construction skills.We have the opportunity to go deep into eastern philosophy.As far as contemporary design is concerned, origami has many artistic principles to offer.
It can be used as a research book to help form Space symbols, embodied by the laws of architecture and art.You take any origami and start thinking about what you need to add and change it to get a new model.So you get a pair, three of them, and sometimes a series of these numbers.
These chains are not uncommon in traditional origami."Only Constant Change ".This is a great discovery of Buddhism.In fact, what would we do if we did not develop a painting until the moment the truth appeared, without reducing one thing, but changed?Those who call it origami sculpture are wrong.Sculpture is an art with a negative sign (the sculpture itself does not include anything that is not a sculpture ).
Origami is a changing art.
The ancient Greeks knew that everything was flowing and changing, and lightning never happened twice in the same place.But the message they send us is completely different.Instead of finding change, they turn to everything, if not something that is eternal, but at least not moving.
For the Japanese, they pay attention to the fragile things, pay attention to this moment, pay attention to this little bit, the goal is to capture the eternal breath.-Many people were surprised to hear the word.Origami?What does this mean?But, whether it's a plane or a boat, everyone does something with paper mills at least once.
When there is no straw hat in the store, people will make a triangle hat with the newspaper.Paper boats and hats are made according to the principle of origami.Origami Art was born in Japan.They said it all started at 610.From the beginning, who would think that the numbers made with paper mills have a profound meaning?In the eastern countries, the square is respected as a symbol.
In Buddhism, it is a reflection of the universe and a symbol of the emptiness of the birth of all things.Paper is also respected in Japan.It is considered a fragile, temporary and short life.They think everything like thisButterfly, water dew, paper-Bearing the breath of eternity, it is important to know how to grasp it.
Dominic bouwasson, author of the art of Japanese paper, wrote that the child prodigy found the paper so pure, perfect and plastic that it was amazing, and they usually gave the quality of God.White Paper is the perfect intermediary between man and God.It is possible to write a message to God above, or to create a message from above.
The paper operation is equivalent to prayer, and the sacrifice of paper is like a sacred sacrifice..Edo era (1600-1868) origami art becomes very popular when a large amount of paper production is in progress and the paper becomes relatively cheap.In fact, it has changed from ritual art to a popular pastime.
Then, many common models were invented, including the famous crane.Origami is very popular today.Can be a dog, a bird, or even a gorilla.There is a tradition when 1,000 relatives of a patient fold the crane to make the patient better.Origami is popular around the world.Thanks to Ji Zeming, we know about origami today.
It was he who introduced the volume in origami and made it truly a reality.There is a rule before Jize: If you can't fold the shape of the paper and make it flat, it's not origami.He also invented a special universal language and symbol that folds numbers according to certain schemes.
During World War II, jizawa decorated the wounded bed with brightly colored origami characters, and in 1951, he showed an article from Asahi Graf magazine with Chinese zodiac origami animals.After that, he became famous in Japan and all over the world.In 1954, jizawa published his first book, The Art of new origami, and established an International Origami Center in Tokyo.
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