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gift box with lid How to Gift Wrap a Box Lid

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-16
gift box with lid How to Gift Wrap a Box Lid
Gift packaging can contain creativity and imagination.Instead of simply wrapping the gift, take one more step and make the gift look special.One way to do this is to put the gift in a covered box and then wrap the bottom and lid of the box separately.
Not only does this create a beautifully packaged gift, but you also make it easy for your recipient to open the gift.Because it looks beautiful, they might even save the packed box.Place the gift package on a flat working surface with the blank side facing up.
Place the lid on the gift package.
Trace around the lid with a pencil.
Measure the depth of the lid and add 1 inch to this measurement.Add the measurements from Step 4 to the lid shape drawn in step 3.For example, if the depth of the lid is 2 inch, add 3 inch to the shape area drawn on the wrapper.
Keep the original shape and the new larger shape drawn on the wrapping paper.Cut the diagonal slit of each corner into an inner dotted line (the original shape of the lid ).Fold one side of the gift package to the inside of the lid.
Fix the paper with tape.
Fold the relative long edge of the gift package to the inside of the lid and fix it with adhesive tape.Repeat the same folding technique with two short sides of the lid to complete the packaging of the lid
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