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gift box with lid How to Make a Model of a Piano

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-16
gift box with lid How to Make a Model of a Piano
The piano is a beautiful instrument that can be seen and listened.From the large concert piano to the small upright piano, the piano has different sizes and shapes.With some handmade items and cardboard you can make piano models.
Create this model as a gift for a piano player or show it on a table at home.Cut an 8-An inch long white note.Draw a musical instrument and note vertically.Track the lid of a small gift box on a black building paper.
Cut off tracking.
Draw 1 by 1 1/21-1 square holeInch from the top of the paper.Cut the hole in the paper.Glue each end of the white strip to black construction paper with tape, so that the score can be seen through square holes.Turn over the building paper to show the front.
Stick the back of the building paper on the small cardboard cover of the gift box.Trim a 1 by 6-Inch wide part of the lid.Place the strap under the sheet music window and stick it to the lid.This is the keyboard of the piano.Paint on the key using white craft paint.Cute two 2-Black foam inch block, glued to each side of the cardboard keyboard.
This is the leg of the upright piano.
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