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gift box with lid How to Wrap a Plate as a Present

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-16
gift box with lid How to Wrap a Plate as a Present
When you buy a beautiful plate for that special family member or friend, you need to be careful when packing this precious gift.By taking a sturdy box, some paper towels, newspapers, and maybe a few more clothes or towels, you can make sure that your gift does not break and is ready to be presented as a gift.Find a strong box that is a big deal than a plate.
Make sure there is not enough room for the plate to shake or move.Take some newspapers, bury the bottom of the box, and make a cushion for the plate to put in.Don't put too much newspaper in the box.Leave enough newspapers so that the plates can settle down and not move around in the box.
Wrap some paper towels carefully around the plate.You can choose what color you want to wrap the plate in.Wrap the paper towel around the plate a few times so that it is well covered.
Once your plate is packed, tuck it into a few small plastic shopping bags.Put a small towel or a piece of cloth on the newspaper in the box.Make sure the fabric is large enough to cover the entire plate.
Place the packed plate on a towel or cloth and cover it.Close your box.Wrap your gift in some beautiful wrapping paper or paper towel.Add a bow for the extra style
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