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gift wrapping paper How to Gift Wrap a Cubed Shape

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-17

Many boxes are perfect cube shapes, which may make them more difficult to wrap than rectanglesshaped box.Learn how to pack cubesThe shape of the box or object will make it easier to wrap the giftAround, since many different technologies are the same-sized boxes.Knowing that these techniques are not only helpful for life and holidays, but you will also find it easier to ship package.With some tape and paper, your package looks like it was wrapped by a professional.Measure one side of the cubeshaped object.Open the roll of the butcher's or wrapping paper and place it face down on a flat surface.Sitting in front of the paper, an edge of the paper (relative to a corner) faces you.Place the cube-Shape object face at the bottom right-The corner of the hand of the paper, the entire bottom of the object on the paper.Moving the object to the left is twice and a half as measured in step 1.For example, if one side of the cube is 10 inch, move the object 15 inch to the left.Slide the box to 3/4 measured in step 1.For example, if the side of the cube is 10 inch, you will move the object up about 7.5 inches.Fold the right side of the paper up and fold it over the cube so that the right edge falls in the middle of the top of the cube.Stick the edges to the cube with tape.Fold the left side of the paper (which may still be on the roll, it doesn't matter) at the top of the box, making it overlap about half an inch with the right edge of the paper.Cut the left edge of the paper to that mark with a straight line.Tape the left edge down so the top of the cube is covered now.Measure 3/4 measured from step 1 on the back of the cube and cut the excess paper so that the back part of the paper is the same as the front part.Turn the center top flap of the paper towards the cube in front of the cube so it looks like there are two triangular flaps on both sides that reach out to you.Press each of these triangle edges toward the center in front of the cube, one of which overlaps the other.Tie these flaps to the front of the cube.Fold the bottom flap and now it should also look like a triangle, head up towards the center in front of the cube and tape it in the center with a piece of tape.Repeat step 7 to the back of the cube.Turn over the box.Place a mailing label at the top of the packed cube and your package can be mailed.If you wrap the gift with wrapping paper, please proceed with Step 9.Attach the bow to the center or side of the top of the box.Attach the card by sticking the corner under the bow and using double-tape the back of the envelope or card to the top of the boxsided tape.
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