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gift wrapping paper The world's intolerance for noisy babies says a lot about how women are viewed

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-26
gift wrapping paper The world\'s intolerance for noisy babies says a lot about how women are viewed
Children.They're so annoying, aren't they?Run around with their sticky hands and great enthusiasm for life, get into everything and make a mess.There should be a law about them: there are no children in public places between seven o'clock A.M. and five o'clock P.M., plus a curfew for all children from five o'clock P.
to seven o'clock A.
In short, no children can disturb adults anywhere.A place without children, like the fictional vagria ruled by Baron and Baroness.Children!YUCK!Of course, I'm joking.But this sentiment is not uncommon.Society likes to denigrate children, and, in turn, the same is true for mothers who account for most of their main parents.
Because the children are very noisy.
They are often messy.
They have not yet cultivated respect for the personal space of others.They don't have a language filter, and things that are said are considered completely unacceptable if spoken by adults.They are often annoying.No one has an obligation to love other people's children, but sometimes we seem to do the same.
But there is a distinction between being rude and not respecting parents who teach their little lords and ladies the values of rights, just as a parent who is trying to hold rights together and keep in touch with the world.The former is exactly the kind of person who will, like one of my friends, bring their toddler into the gift shop and watch him happily tear the wrapping paper to pieces to make the store manager feel scared, announced that "Hugo is very artistic ".The latter is the kind of person who often struggles under the pressure of dealing with their children in public (and the sharp appearance they attract from others), in contrast, they need to remember what it feels like to be a person in the same public space.
I am familiar with both sides of this equation.I used to be an arrogant child.A free person, who is careless about children, especially those who run around their legs in cafes and restaurants, or in the trolley car, or worse, in the cabin"Children should be left in luggage storage!"I will be interested in anyone who is willing to listen.Of course, I have a child now, so I joined the ranks of parents who are in trouble and are constantly under pressure to limit and control their spawn.
While I still think it is acceptable to exclude children from certain places (such as poky bars, or nightclubs, casinos and gun shows ), I also lament the time I have paid for my parents' judgment.To be honest, when people talk about judging parents, most of them refer to mothers.Because women are largely responsible for raising children.
Its women have to use high-They had to maneuver bulky strollers in narrow aisles while keenly aware that this act of taking up space with children and their needs were considered the pinnacle of seeking attention, appearanceat-My behavior made women feel ashamed quickly.When we don't have strict control over these little pinball, flying between a shiny object and the next one, we are scolded.Through all this one has accepted the fact that such anger is not only acceptable, but there is reason to fight back.
The story I heard from my mother brought tears to my eyes as the streets patronized and scolded other adults.It is particularly irritating when it comes from men, because statistically it is unlikely that they will experience a continuous, repetitive day --in-day-Monotonous childFeeding and all the boring, annoying things it needs.It's not an attack on men, and of course people think so.
This is recognition of the excessive demands on the performance of working women, even if they are ridiculed for being able to be "the only.Yes, children may hate it.Do you know what else is annoying?Men who occupy too much space on public transport.Billboards that occupy the visual space bombard us with information that we are never good enough.
Real estate developerRich people who come from money think that they work hard and deserve wealth.The motorcycle is very loud.Litterbugs.People who spit gum on the groundOld doughnuts sold for fresh donuts.Movie-priced highway robberyTalkback radio.
People who belittle "political correctness.Someone talking loudly on a mobile phone.Tony Abbott.Young Liberals.Old Liberals.People talking about "queuing"The "Jumper" on the refugee crisis ".The person who says "I have the right to get my opinion" is as if this is the same as your fact.
Workplace where women are disgustedNeon lights flashing.There are so many annoying and annoying things in the world, just push less --Back to the children's existence and their playful behavior.It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes only one person to make the mother feel like garbage.
Do better.
Be better.
Help more.
Judge less.
Because anything else is childish.
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