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gold tissue paper wedding scrolls invitations - invite people like royalty ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-29
gold tissue paper wedding scrolls invitations - invite people like royalty ...
The scroll card is a traditional invitation from the King and Queen of India, also known as Farman.Today, marriage in India has restored the old Indian customs, which are magnificent and exquisite, giving the invitation to art a magnificent appearance.With traditional and modern design ideas, the royal style and rich texture are created.
The roll-Vibrant, Colorful handmade paper, imported paper towels, velvet, cloth card opening, with exotic details and special box packaging features.These invitation cards are the epitome of classic design, mainly designed with white paper towels, giving a rich look.The reels are stuck in an attractive silver box with traditional pieces on it.
Silver boxes and reels are placed in an awesome placeExclusive silver box.The simple and elegant wedding reels are designed using a scroll pattern and use classic script fonts for the bride and groom's name and other details.The main thing anyone is looking for in the perfect wedding invitation is to attract attention, and the best way to get people interested is to hand over the rolling invitation to them.
Such invitations are an expression of style and a fashion and first impression of the royal wedding event.Its roll-on card is designed with Wells on colored cloth or paperCoordinate fixing like gold or silver lines, beads and crystal decorations, with royal influence.Most of the reel invitations are made using handmade paper, velvet paper and velvet paper.
The invitation card is a perfect combination of art, aesthetics, design and practicality without compromising the standards of quality and brilliance.Therefore, using vision, creativity, focus and experience, rolling cards have become the most popular --After the style of invitation for marriage.The seemingly stunning rolling invitation requires additional expertise to increase creativity, accompanied by a great deal of emotion and emotion.
Even in reel design, you can choose from categories of the same type, including traditional reel invitations, frame reels, contemporary style reels, round reels, theme-oriented reels, and more.All of these types of invitations are considered the best option for wedding invitations and one can easily use any one.Nowadays, many people send out rolling invitations for their wedding every day.
Not only is it impressive to get and distribute this type of invitation card, but also modern.But they also stand out in other styles
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