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hair product box How to Make Hairline Edges Grow

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-19
Some black women sometimes have thinner hair edges due to certain hair products and hair types.When wearing a tight hairstyle frequently, the hair edges may eventually become thinner or bald, which will pull the edges and add pressure to the temple area.The same ponytail style of braids may put pressure on the edge of the hair.
When wearing braids, avoid tying a ponytail with braids, because it will pull the edges of the hair and the edges will eventually become thinner.The edge of the hair is the most sensitive part of the hair, and the edge must be lightly processed.If the edge of the hair is bald, it may be hair loss, and the doctor (dermatologist) may prescribe some medicine.
Avoiding hair edge hair loss can be achieved in the following ways: do not wear chemical hair protection, tight ponytail with pigtails and alcoholic hair gel.Often applying a chemical Perm to the hair will eventually help the edge of the hair to be peeled off by the hair root.Hair perms contain the same ingredients as the "liquid drain opener" that make the hair thinner to relax the hair.
The idea is to avoid putting the hair product into the hair so that the hair edges end up.Prevent Hair LossUse herbal leaveMassage hair-Drink 8 bottles of water 4-Do physical exercise 10-Hair edges before going to bed..Apply organic hair cream before going to bed, and then put on the fabric headband at the edge of the hair line is a good idea.
This will keep the treatment on the edge as it is soaked overnight under the headband and acts as fertilizer.Do this treatment every night before going to bed, you will find that the growth of the hair edge is different.After about 3 months you will notice a difference in progress.
The Braid will not let the hair fall out;Because it is a protective hairstyle, braids actually help to grow the hair.But just make sure that the braids around the edges are not too tight or too thin.In fact, when making braids around the line, divide the braids into larger parts than usual.
Ponytail wig-Debris and gel is a bad combination that will definitely make the hair --The edges stretch out from the scalp (if this style is worn too often ).African-Americans wearing natural hair are more likely not to let the edges of the hair fall off.Hair and edges are more likely to become stronger, longer, and of course healthier when the hair is naturally, not perm.
Tying a ponytail on young girls also leads to thinning of the edges of the hair.Avoid making ponytail rubberThe band in the temple is tight.line area;This will prevent hair loss in young girls.
Also avoid applying chemical hair to the hair of young black girls whose natural hair is both beautiful and healthy.We also used silk fabric pillows-Case on the bed pillow-Time will help reduce hair breakage and dryness.When the hair is-Weaving to avoid tight threading and pulling edges, which adds pressure to the templeline.
When you treat the edge of your hair correctly, the edge of your hair will treat you correctly.Thank you for coming
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