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House Beautiful: Pretty patio faces the street - custom deck box

by:Mengsheng     2020-06-13
House Beautiful: Pretty patio faces the street  -  custom deck box
Leah and Bruce mcdiammid wanted to build a front deck in their home, but the municipalities did not think their plan was feasible.
So with the help of their friend Carla waters, they chose a smarter, more cautious approach that changed the face of their home and met an important need.
On a small street near Oak Bay Village, a surprisingly comfortable little living room is hidden behind some tall pampas grass with wilderness and whimsy.
The couple like to sit outside after work and bask in the sun in their quiet new neighborhood.
"We met a lot of neighbors while we were sitting here," Leah said . ".
Sitting in front of the house is not common in much of Victoria, but Bruce and Leah, who spent more than a decade raising children in the relatively small community of Tofino, I cherish the opportunity of contact.
Bruce especially appreciates a series of city events offered by local boys who play football and rugby.
"We want to go back to Victoria so that our two teenage sons can experience the vitality of life in a larger community," he said . ".
The basement was closed when visiting the house.
Limit because it is full of teenage boys who still sleep soundly at 10. m.
Morning of summer.
Leah said: "The basement is great for teenage boys who need a little extra space to bring their friends.
"After looking for about a year, the couple decided in 2008 to run their 12-year-
Old Tofino holiday rentals from Victoria.
"When we moved in, everything was green --
Walls, carpets, everything, "said Leah.
"But we felt the house was waiting for us.
It's not a big home but we love the location and we can see that we don't have to do a big renovation.
We stayed in a 1,200-before we left Tofino-square-
Walk home with the children.
Although it is very tight, it still works.
"All you need to do is organize," she said . ".
Their new home is bigger, 2,000 square feet.
It has a lot of evidence for Leah's year in interior design technology at the local Pacific Institute of Design.
The transparent glass door she chose made the room feel even bigger.
The ceiling and arch doorway are decorated with a large number of artworks.
One thing that McDiarmids particularly appreciates living in Victoria is the opportunity to see the work of so many talented artists.
Leah designed the kitchen, full of light all day long, leaning back on the deck with views of thousands of trees.
Privacy is amazing when you think they are in the Heart of Oak Bay.
The doors of the three kitchens slide open and you feel surrounded by the park.
The fun of their new eating space occupies a prominent position in the ordinary family BBQ.
The gas stove is an important kitchen feature for West Coast families who have experienced a lot of power failures in the wild.
The problem is unlikely to bother them in their urban homes, but the couple is reluctant to take risks.
Both Leah and Bruce like to grow vegetables and cut flowers for the house.
Bruce has the talent to create old things.
Old-fashioned flower arrangement.
He said: "I always do this in Tofino, and we like the flowers at home.
"The couple set up offices where they used to be guest rooms.
"We think it's a waste of space and it makes more sense to make the most of it than to make it empty most of the time," Bruce said . ".
After visiting Victoria plating Ltd, the dimly lit metal furnace vents and an old fashioned brass fireplace plug-in were given a new life
Let them re-code.
The copper glow of the fireplace insert reappears in the living room, becoming a vibrant focus.
A bowl made by master Kaver Henry Nora sits in the middle of the TV room.
Bruce's parents commissioned Henry to make a bowl for each of their children.
Bruce valued the gift from his father who died a year ago.
Bruce and Leah's 16-year-
The old son had a big and beautiful telescope that was aimed from a nice window in a location in the family room.
One of the early influences of his life was the uncle who had a strong interest in astronomy.
Upstairs bathroom with the best view of the House
You can see the evergreen trees and tall cotton forests here. these are the places where the Eagles live.
Although the house is very old, there is a room with a king bed in the master bedroom.
"I'm surprised that the house built in 1937 is still so practical," Leah said . ".
Bruce's family owns the world.
The famous Wickaninnish Inn is near Tofino, where Bruce grew up because his father, a young village doctor, took the risk of deciding to move from province of SA to Tofino.
"My father always dreamed of building a high
"The end inn will show the rugged waterfront views to the long-winded audience," Bruce said . ".
"He wants to re-
To create the magic of the original waikanis hotel;
He is more successful than any of us think.
"Our business is in Tofino, so we'll keep in touch all the time, but we love Oak Bay and our house and it's a pleasure to be here," Leah said.
Victoria is a great city.
"The whimsy and renovation of the House --
The front was well done with custom doors on the garage.
"The last host was proud of the clever mechanics he built to create the compartment doors, and we just built these beautiful doors for his invention," Bruce said . ".
Pacific slandscape design: Pacific organic landscape design, Kara wattsky and interior design: custom carriage doors by Leah mcdemidi: Tedford elevated doors CO. , Ltd.
Kitchen Renault and installation: Brad Jones contracted custom deck doors: painting inside and outside Aurora woodworthy: White Knight painting artist: Herbert Sibner, Jack Wilkinson,fayle@shaw.
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