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huge cardboard boxes home safety tips: arm yourself against the threat of a ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-05
huge cardboard boxes home safety tips: arm yourself against the threat of a ...
(NC) in 1999, Statistics Canada reported that the number of breaks and arrivals reported to the police was approximately 92,485, but some of these offences were still not reported.Property crime losses range from little or no value at all to materials costing hundreds of billions of dollars.Unfortunately, thieves can do more than steal your things.
If they are surprised that someone comes home or picks a occupied house, they can commit rape, robbery and assault."If you are a victim of a burglary, you will most likely suffer a second burglary," explained Patrice De Luca V.P.Protectron's security system for marketing and business development.
"Thieves will know how easy it is for them to target your home for the first time.This experience will change your life forever.However, in a short period of time and money, you can make your home safer and reduce the chances of being a victim.
According to De Luca, many thieves will not be able to break into a family for more than 60 seconds.That's why good locks and good neighbors who take care of each other are a great deterrent to thieves.Thieves don't like bright lights.Install the lights outside and keep the lights on at night.
Keep your yard clean.
Trim the bush at the back so that it does not hide the doors and windows.Cut down the branches that the thief can use to climb to the tree.level window.The percentage of burglary is high, involving the theft of newly purchased items, such as new electronic devices, computers and televisions.
"Thieves are always looking for houses with big cartons on the side of the road, emphasizing new purchases," De Luca added .".\ "It is important to eliminate these boxes, or to divide them into unrecognized parts, and not to promote new purchases to the neighborhood."Also, do not leave valuables in sight through the windows, as they will lure thieves.
If you travel, create the illusion of your home by having some timers turn on and off lights in different areas of your house.The lights lit 24 hours a day indicate an empty house.Keep the curtains, blinds and curtains in normal position.
Don't let your mail pile up, call the post office to stop delivery, or ask your neighbors to pick it up.The alarm could be a good investment, especially if you have a lot of valuables in your home, or live in a remote location, or have a history of rest --ins.Alarm system is an effective deterrent.Nine of the ten convicted thieves agreed that they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system.
The marking and marking of security systems is also an effective deterrent.Make sure your security system includes loud internal alarms, detectors for all exterior doors, and motion sensors for the master bedroom and main living areas.For more information about safe home access, please visit www.
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