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huge cardboard boxes How to Make Cardboard Baby Shower Blocks

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-30
huge cardboard boxes How to Make Cardboard Baby Shower Blocks
Small cartons painted with letter building blocks provide double service for baby showers: they make cute decorations that can be brought home full of snacks as a gift for guest showers.For easy folding, use thin cardboard, such as poster boards.Choose a color scheme that matches the shower theme according to the baby's gender or gender, such as pastel-neutral color.
Bright primary colors also apply, especially for less traditional showers.Cut the poster board into 8 14-inch by 11-Cut half by longitudinal direction and divide each half into four equal parts, 11 inch wide.Each piece of paper will make eight boxes.
Make a template on a large piece of newspaper: measure and Mark 11 inch from the upper left edge, and then about 14 inch down from the left edge.Connect the mark with the edge of the ruler.Repeat at 10, 7, 4 and 1 inch from the edge, leaving three 3-1-inch wide columnInches column on both sides.
Measure and Mark 3 inch down from the upper left edge, repeat at about 12 inch.Connect the mark with the straight edge of the ruler.Repeat under 6, 9, 12 and 13 inch, leaving 3-1-inch squareColumns of inches on the left, right and bottom edges.
Outline four central squares with felt pens;This will be the side of the box.On the top line, outline the left-of-Box and 1-inch column;This is the lid.On the third line starting from the top, outline the outline on the rightof-Central Square and 1-inch column;This will be the bottom.
Draw 2-from the second and fourth rows at the top-A slightly tapered label of inches on both sides of the center square.Cut the templatePlace the paper template on a cropped poster board and track it.Cut along the outer edge with a tool knife.
Draw the inside line on the cut with a pencil to guide the folding;A large fold on the line bar forms a box.Stick the tabs on the sides and bottom together to keep the top non-stick.Draw the side of the box with letters and numbers inside the square frame to resemble the building blocks.
If necessary, take a look at the pictures of traditional neighborhoods as a guide.Let the box dry completely before filling.Cut paper towels into 5-Put two pieces in each box.
Fill the box with candy, fold the tissue over the box, and close the box.Decorate the boxes on the table, Mantel or buffet as decorations.At the end of the shower, give each guest a box as a gift to take home.
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