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huge cardboard boxes pancakes and butter - free article courtesy of

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-06
huge cardboard boxes pancakes and butter - free article courtesy of
Dear Abby has been wandering around the internet, my first question is if this is a real story and if it really happened.This cannot be 100% verified, but it may be true as I will tell a confirmed story at the end of this letter.I recently made a batch of pancakes for my health 14year-Old son, it's a mixture in our pantry.
He said they tasted interesting but ate it anyway.About 10 minutes later, he began to have difficulty breathing and his lips began to purple.I gave him his anti-allergy medicine and asked him to sit on the sofa and let him relax.
He breathed breath in and out.
My husband is a volunteer firefighter and also an emergency person who heats up some water and we have my son leaning against the water so the steam can clear his chest andSoon his breath became more normal and his lips returned to a more normal color.We looked at the date on the pancake mix box and what frustrated me was that we found it out to be out of date.After doing some research, I found an article the next day that mentioned 19-year-The old man died after eating an outdated pancake mix.
Obviously, the mold formed in the old pancake mixture can be toxic!When we told our friends about my son's intimate phone call, we were surprised by how many people mentioned that they should check their pancake mixture because they don't use it often, or they bought it some time ago.The date on their caseAlso, be careful about the stale mix of cakes, brownies and cookies.Dear Sue: Thank you for your warning.I certainly didn't know that the pancake mixture would get moldy and cause an allergic reaction on someone who is allergic to mold.
Two pathologists who practice in Charleston, South Carolina, reported that,year-The same old man who died in similar circumstances.A young man with a history of allergies (including mold) polished two pancakes made with a packed mixture that had been opened in the kitchen cabinet for two years.After eating, the young man was short of breath.
He was taken to a clinic not far from home and turned into purple otic.Once he entered the clinic, he died of CPR.His cause of death was identified as an allergic reaction caused by an allergic reaction to mold.
The pancake mixture has passed its fresh date, nothing inherently toxic, the aging of the product does not turn it into toxic, in the open flapjack powder box, the growth of the mold will not turn it into something that will drop all the people who take it.Only people who are allergic to mold are at risk.In order for mold to come into contact with food, food must be exposed to spores.
The pancake mixture is wrapped in unbleached wax paper, plastic, or foil bags inside the outer packaging, and there will be no such contact, no matter how old it is, it should be safe.However, even if the box or bag has not been opened before, the mixture of unpacked bags sold in cartons or paper bags may be at risk because such packaging may not necessarily prevent moisture, mold grows in a humid environment.Eat fresh.The closer it is to your home, the better.
Please pass me the butter!I'm not sure if the portion feeding the turkey is true, but all the other information about the article is true.It is true that farmers do not feed trans fatty acids to pigs because trans fatty acids can cause pigs to die.Margarine is a trans fatty acid.Margarine was originally used to fatten the turkey.
When it kills the turkey, the people who put all their money into research want to get their money back, so they all get together and determine the next step in achieving that.This product is a white substance that has no food appeal, so they add yellow and retail to people in place of butter.Over the years, manufacturers have developed clever new seasonings.
The only natural thing about margarine is yellow.The federal government has passed a law (enacted by butters) that yellow must be a natural substance, not a toxic chemical.DO YOU KNOW...The difference between margarine and butter?The heat is the same for both.
8 grams of butter in saturated fat was slightly higher than 5 grams.According to a recent medical study at Harvard University, eating margarine can increase women's heart disease by 53% compared to eating the same amount of butter.Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other foods.
Butter has a lot of nutritional value, it only has a few nutritional value when margarine is added!The butter tastes much better than margarine, which enhances the taste of other foods.For centuries, butter has been in the place where margarine existed less than in the 100 s.Margarine is...The content of trans fatty acids is high.Triple risk of coronary heart diseaseThe risk of cancer has increased five times.
Reduce the quality of breast milk.
Reduce immune response.
Reduced insulin responseThe most disturbing fact...Margarine is only one molecule away from plastic..This fact alone is enough for me to avoid margarine and any other Hydrogenation for life (which means adding hydrogen and changing the molecular structure of the substance ).
Buy a bucket of margarine in the garage or in the shade.Because it has no nutritional value, it does not rot or smell differently, it is a dead substance that does not grow on it.Why?Because it's almost plastic.Can you melt your Tupperware and apply it to toast?Flies are not even attracted.
Margarine/vegetable oil/shortening oil has been used in the manufacturing process.Hydrogenation vegetable oil/margarine/shortening oil was found in the 19 th century.Companies and investors have reached an agreement with a variety of doctors to announce that vegetable stuffing is healthier than butter with saturated fat.
Therefore, medical research began to prove that red meat and dairy products are unhealthy.First reported myocardial infarction and heart disease-Recorded in 1921.This figure has increased by 1960 to more than 600,000 per year.
Due to a decrease in consumption of meat and dairy products (remember in 1920, beef cattle and cows were fed with grass without grain, without chemicals, antibiotics, steroids or hormones.There is no use of toxic fertilizers or herbicides and pesticides on the grass), hydrogenation vegetables accelerate growth, cancer and heart attacks increase, and continue at an alarming rate.Go to,, and www.ppnf.www.Drbobthehealthbuilder.www.Wealth is healthy
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