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kraft paper tags Tips for Your First Craft Show

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-17
kraft paper tags Tips for Your First Craft Show
If you are about to start your first craft show, there are a lot of things to consider, but as long as you cover the basics, then there is no need to emphasize the "have good" thing.First of all, you need to make a checklist yourself.You can start with the tips below, but your product and situation will be a little different from others, so you will need to create a check list for your craft presentation table.
Collecting craft to show design ideas is something you can never stop because it's important to keep things fresh, as exciting and engaging as possible!How much inventory should you take?It's always a tough question.You need to do more reading and thinking and apply what you have learned to your products and your region.You need to consider the size and price of your item, the time when the craft exhibition is open and the size of the table.
You spend too much, you waste a lot of time and energy;Too little, you lose the sale!From a profit perspective, how many stocks should you take exactly: how much profit do you want to make?How much sales do you think you will have?This is a way to estimate the quantity of inventory --A quick rule of thumb is to take 2-The number of stocks you need to sell is three times the profit.Enough stock to fill up your monitor/table without messing it up --When you make a sale, prepare to fill the vacancy again "under your desk.Your table should not become empty as the empty table does not invite customers.
Remember -No matter what you don't sell, you can sell online for the next week or at your next art show.Think if you have a table-While it works for many people, others prefer to present their items in other ways (which may not be suitable for your product ).If you don't have a table then you still need a small table and chair and at the point of sale you can use it to pack the purchase items and give them the change with the money from the customer.
There are some great (light but sturdy) folding tables right now --Because in addition to considering the table, you have to think about how to get it there.The folding table is perfect because it fits your car and you can carry it yourself, which makes the installation very fast.I have an Ikea table with screws on my legs and can be used as a craft table and craft table.
It is very sturdy, has no space and is light/portable.Add sparkle!No matter how new your table is, it still needs a lid.Think about your product and what color to show it well.
Many people find that black velvet is the perfect "one for all" solution to cover their craft display stand when others want to show their personality with something more strange.You can cover your table with material or cowhideIf you use stamps in your brand, then you can use plain paper and stamp it on plain paper with your logo/brand at each venue.If you are an elegant person, you can personalize your desktop quickly.
However, while it sounds good and exciting, remember that there is still work to be done.Therefore, for most people, it works well with materials of simple length.Make sure you have enough material to get straight to the front floorMaybe two pieces of material.
Also -Consider using the front of your booth to display your trade name.One or two pieces of continuous material is also worth thinking about for you.The reason to cover the front of the table all the way to the ground is not just because it looks better, giving you a brand space --It also hides all your bags, spare supplies and personal items under your desk.
Take a walk in some local wholesale fabric warehouses or market stalls to see what's available and the price.If your table is 6 wide 2 deep 3 high you need a 12 \ 'Square to cover your table in one piece and hang the front and both sides on the floor, give you a highlight of 1 \ 'on the side of your seat.How/where you will store your desktop cover and it will be folded/damaged between shows.
It's possible to find fabrics that don't need ironing, but think about how it's stored between the show and/or the night before the show to give it a good iron.If you are using paper and tearing off a new length for each show, think about whether it might be damp or any other place where you store it between shows.What products do you have for your table?You need to show good spread of your product on your deskBut for some sellers, there is a reason why they leave the best things at home.
For some, their best items may be too big for the craft show, while for others, the price may be too high.There is a way to display every product on your deskand easily!As a seller, you already have 99% photos of everything that may have been made by you.Maybe some of them are discontinued, or special commissions, or even work in progress.
A neat way to show everything you have, which will help to attract people and catch their eye, is to put all your images on a digital photo frame, put it on the table you can see.The weight of the rechargeable digital photo frame is gold!People may see something in the photo sequence that makes them ask for more expensive items than you carry with you, or your special Commission --It shows your scope and there is no pressure on potential customers!What I want to say is that digital photo frames are actually essential nowadays.This is a passive salesperson who makes people happy and makes them enthusiastic about you.
If this is your first craft show, it's perfect to be able to show everything you 've done (or your best/favorite work) because it means you can talk about the product and take orders, instead of having to invest in materials in order to make items that wish to be sold.This can actually save you money and trouble at once!Even if most of your products are priced in the middleScope, make sure you still have some small items that people can buy without even thinking about.How did these small ticket items add up?They may attract people so they can find something more expensive and make you make more money!Think about how you can create some smaller items for casual buyers, with a lot of inspiration in books and even online.
If your products are on the table, they won't be able to see them when people go --You missed a lot of sales opportunities!Think about how to easily build the height in the display.There are a lot of inspiration in your own home, items you can redesignUse or pop up local car trunk sales/yard sales to see what can be reused.Make some "steps" with foam "-It's much cheaper than buying a wooden display stand and easier to transport.
Re-Re-Use empty box, plastic box, storage box or shoe box-Cover them up or paint them.What about some folding screens if you sell artwork or photos?Are there any rigid columns on your display that you can wrap and hang between them?There's a lot of inspiration if you start to look at things around you and see how you think againuse them.How will they work on their side or on their side?Using a height display will sell much more than putting the item on the table.
Make sure you have enough change and small notes.Change for $200/USD will make sure you don't run out.Consider the price of your item: in X.99, or at X.50?Or do you want things to be a little bit simpler to have the full numbers for everything?If you sell earrings at 4.
99 you need a lot more change than those who sell 20/$20 artwork.Don't forget cash security-Make sure your sales revenue is not stolen.Don't blatantly slide it under the table, because when someone else gets the cash quickly, you may be distracted and call a corner of your booth.
I always think the traditional marketThe trader's cash apron is a good idea, although it may not be the "look" you want, so, think about what you're going to do with cash that day.One way for counterfeiters to quickly turn fake cash into real cash is to make a lot of small purchases at craft fairs.They can discover new people and can observe who checks the notes and see if they are fake and who doesn't.
You can protect yourself by using a fake note checkerThese are too affordable right now, none of them will be stupid because it will save you money the first time you receive a fake note.With UV, you just have to put it on the note to immediately determine whether the note is fake or not.If you take a fake note, if you change it for change or change it for coins with another vendor, you have the potential to ruin your reputation --and -The bank will keep it when you try to deposit it into the bank instead of replacing it!Instant loss.
...No one likes to ask how much you want.
Make it easy for people to buy from you.
Make sure everything is priced individually and clearly.If you have a lot of products with the same price, you can combine them together with a big price tag;If you have a lot of products to share 3-4 Price consider a simple pricing system that is based on the color of a color point or a price tag attached to the item.For larger parts, price them separately.If you only sell 3-You can then print out the price list and show it.
The old saying "you can't afford it if you ask" does not apply to craft performances --"They may go on if they have to ask," which may be closer to the trademark.If you are in a lot of different craft shows and want to change your price depending on your location, the color price tag method works well --Although too many colors will confuse customers.Again, what works best depends on your product, your price, and your location.
Once you set up your craft show-take a photo.Of course, with a smartphone now, not only is it easy to take pictures, but you can send it to your blog or facebook page, and/or Twitter all day long, invite your followers to visit your show and maybe give them a special discount.In addition to the immediacy of taking pictures --It's a good thing to have photos to remind you how the table looked that day.
When you want to know if you want to book the show after a year, it not only helps to remind you, but you can see your different layout and display over time, and compare them, or ask others what kind of layout they have the best feedback on and how they display --Help you constantly improve your presentation.I don't think it would be possible to complete any top prompt list without a smartphone being mentioned.This is a multi-function super gadget.Deductible taxesAnd can be used in many ways at the art show.
Take a picture of your desk and upload it to your facebook page, Twitter, and even your blog right away.If you have an Etsy store, you don't have to mark your booth product as inactive on the day, just keep inventory control on sale --If you have sales at your Etsy booth, you can even pack them at the quiet moments the craft show is ready to send!There is no surprise when you go home and do some packing.You can keep abreast of questions raised on ebay stores, blogs, or on your active website.
You can use your smartphone to make your sales higher by using the Square iPhone credit card reading app for easy access to credit cards.When your customers run out of cash, using a credit card will enable them to purchase-Even buy more from youThe Square app doesn't work in the UK at the moment, and for the UK, check out Sumup or iZettle.All of these services are simple to sign up for, just pay a little price per transaction, usually 2-3%.
Again -This is a gadget that will pay for itself soon!A must have.If you just show up at the art show, you miss the bigger picture.Someone who sees you there may want to take a business card for a friend or have them look at your website (you do have one, don't you?) When they go home.
Make sure you have business cards: you can buy them easily and cheaply online these days.One of the most popular websites at the moment is Moo cars, and their mini series is setting off a storm with sellers as they have the option to upload a bunch of photos of your products, and there's a box of mixed business cards that show many different caqrds-They come in a great cute box that you can simply put on the table.Make sure people know where your site is.Maybe you have an Etsy store or you sell it on ebay --Let people know.
If you want your own website then you can get a free website that is fast (good.People want to know how to get in touch with you in the futureMaybe there is a quiet person who walks into your craft stand and sees your product displayed on your digital photo frame and then puts a business card in your pocket....They are local galleries looking for local talent to provide their store!If you book more showsLet people know where else they can see you.
Print some small sheets and list the dates and locations you will be selling next.Build your followers!Invite everyone to join your mailing listA good idea is to send an email to everyone who bought something at an exhibition, if they buy something from you at the next exhibition, they can give them a 10% discount, or in your online store next week.Let them come back!Make sure you have enough packaging and packaging for your customers.
You might want to bring some paper towels, boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons-Pack your product whatever you need.If the items you sell are a little more functional (such as small garden sculptures) and the presentation is not critical, then there are a large number of handbags.People need to feel that they can buy what you sell and take it home safely.
If you're selling fragile items, you might want to have a clear sign that says "everything I sell is wrapped in a bubble package to make sure it's safe ".This is one of the things that buyers experience in mind.If you are selling items such as cute felt animals, candles or jewelry, you should make sure that your packaging is as cute as the products people buy --So they got a complete "experience ".
Give you a receipt.
If you provide a guarantee, make sure you have enough details to fit into their bag.Also, make sure no one walks away without your business card in the bag!If you are selling a product like an art print, or a candle in your glasses, make sure there is an easy-to-disassemble sticker on each product that says your URL.Once they start showing it to their friends and are asked "Where did you get it ?"?"So" someone on the local show "won't help them find you and have their friends buy one at a later date!What may be the problem?Think about the natural and human foundations of what will be wrong with this day.
The food is easy to eat and there are plenty of drinks.If the venue is outdoors, are you ready for the wind?for rain?So, this gives you enough thought to perform for your craft-I hope some of these will help you feel more organized and prepared.GOOD LUCK!!!Pass on your suggestion.Feel free to add your own craft shop tips in the comment area below!You learn something that everyone can benefit from.
Thank you for reading.
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