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large cardboard boxes for sale choosing the best cage for your guinea pig - pets

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-08
large cardboard boxes for sale choosing the best cage for your guinea pig - pets
Since guinea pigs will spend most of their incubation, the cage size you decide is not only for your pet, but also for accessories, food and wine bowls.The cages need to be spacious enough so they can run around and exercise.The safest Hatch is made of plastic, stainless steel, wires or a mixture of these materials.
Putting your guinea pig cages on the wire mesh base puts them in danger.Guinea pig really thinThe feet and wires of the skin can hurt their feet or give them a condition called Bumblebee.This is when the guinea pig's paw is much larger than the normal size and is very painful for the guinea pig.
So if your Cage has a wire floor and many people have it, be sure to cover it with a cage pad.A locked door or lid will lock your guinea pig and other small animals inside.Although guinea pigs are not agile enough to climb well, they do need places to play, explore and exercise.
These items should be in your guinea pig cage: the things they can sleep and hide inside, the tubes that can be used as tunnels, and the cartons.A food that is very heavy on Bolton, so it does not turn upside down, nor is it high, or Carvey cannot reach the food, nor is it shorter, or the guinea pig will climb up and the food is destroyed.Plastic or glass water bottle with metal spout.
Hay racks to keep hay clean, fresh and out of the ground.Dry shavings or wood fibers for cleaning bedding.Keep them active by adding ramps, toys and tunnels to make the cage fun for your Guinea.
Make sure that nothing you put in the cage doesn't conflict with the space he needs to run around and exercise.If you put them indoors, put the cage in a well ventilated, sunny place.If you have a room in your garage, some good places in the guinea pig cage will be on the wall or under the window, which is also a good place for them.
The guinea pig cage should also be placed in a quiet place with no noise or commotion.Temperature is also another thing to remember;The hatch should be placed somewhere between 65 ° and 75 ° f, otherwise your guinea pig will be in danger of getting sick.For the outdoors, the hatch should be placed in a place far away from the heat of the day, but at night, it is a good idea to be warm enough under a shady fabric or under a balcony;This will prevent rain or dew from corrupting the cage.
It must also be located close to home;The farther the guinea pig is from the house, the less notice it gets.So, leave it close to home, in the shade or under the porch, away from the heat and rain.The cage should be placed somewhere between 65 ° and 75 ° f.
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