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large cardboard boxes performing magic for kids - free article courtesy of ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-14
large cardboard boxes performing magic for kids - free article courtesy of ...
You just discovered the magical world.The Magic Store tour adds to your growing arsenal of magic weapons.Thirty-Three days later, the credit card bill arrived to remind your wife that this is an expensive hobby.No problem!You will recover all the money you spend by being a partTime professional magicianLooking around to hone your craft, you suddenly think of your niece for her 7 th birthday.
You call your sister to provide your services instead of gifts.Two weeks after the show.You put all the materials in two big cartons.You start the show for 16 first year students and all your relatives.
The performance went well.
Everyone is laughing and having a good time.As you search for the next great trick in the box, you'll take some dramatic pauses to build suspense.Finally, your 15-minute program ends in 50 minutes.
three minutes.
You never realized that you had such a great magic.The children cheered and applauded for your first magic show.Even your sister wiped tears from her eyes and said, "I 've never been happier than watching your magic show.
It was great.
John recorded it all.
How many parts is this-Time professional magicians try to start their careers.They looked around and thought it was the best way to start doing children's shows.Performing magic for children is one of the hardest areas of magic.
This article explores some of the challenges of performing children's magic tricks.--You're training kids.-Children do not understand many common clues during live performances.Most children grew up in the age of television.
It's not a bad thing other than the trajectory of the laugh that prompts the children when to laugh.There was no trace of laughter, and the children were left out.They will keep up with the speed soon.But they need your help.The same problem is more bonus in applause.
Children are not used to clapping.
They couldn't understand the applause.
These wonderful applause will put you and your audience in uncomfortable silence.What can be done?Everything.One of your most important tasks as a child magician is to open the door.The audience needs to warm up before your magic show.
It looks fun and a waste of time, but it can make a difference between a great magic show and a terrible show.Children like to have fun.Even in school, children are taught to obey the authority.For some reason, many magicians forgot to establish authority early in the performance.
It turned out to be like a bar fight in the West.When you start your show, you have the opportunity to set the basic rules for the show.I'm not saying you should come up with a list of the house rules for the show.
Instead, come out with confidence and warm up your audience.After you welcome everyone to the show, watch the audience say it looks like a great audience.Let's see how big a sound you can make.Count three...TWO ..THREE ..Not bad!Let's try again.On three ...After some games are over, we will say, what do we do when we like magic?(Pause) what should we do when we love magic?The warm-up is doing four things.
You teach children to applaud when they like magic.It also trains them to respond to the suggestion of applause in the rest of the show.The warm-up shows you can control the show.
Finally, it sets an interesting tone for the show.This is the first time your audience will feel your acting personality.--You're not acting for the kids.-You will soon learn that the most difficult task for children performers is to design the show while attracting children and adults at different levels.
No, I'm not saying phrases with sexual double meanings to fill your performance.There is nothing more pathetic and unprofessional than having a child come on stage and watch the adults in the crowd craftily say "Do I have a big wand or something" performer?Children's cartoons provide the best example of the point I'm trying to make.Take Mad Dogs or SpongeBob as an example.These cartoons are also made for children and adults at different levels.
It is very difficult to do this.
This is one of the main reasons why doing child Magic is so difficult.You have to design your show for two viewers.A key to performance design is your acting personality.
--You're not yourself today.
-When you perform magic tricks for kids, you must have a unique and engaging acting personality.The children's magicians can come on stage in a second-hand dress and marvel at the audience with a formal magic show, a day that has passed.Look at silly Billy, one of the most successful child magicians.
His acting personality is interesting and attractive.His performance is very fast and humorous.Even outside children's magic, look at the performance personality of children's TV.
Captain Kangaroo, sir.
Rogers and pivey Hermann are examples of striking acting characters.Everyone is very successful, but their acting personality is very different.The common factor is that every performer attracts children through entertainment.
Your acting personality must fill your audience, children and adults with fun and wonder.You have to attract your audience through your acting personality, but you have to wow them with a well-designed performance that brings great magic.This is why it is so difficult to do children's magic.
If you want to start your magic career as a child magician, think again.The children are very honest.Nothing is harder or more satisfying than having a great children's magic show.Being a child magician is not the best way to be a part.
Time professional magicianLearn more about preparing for children in learningGreat-Magic-Tricks
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