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large flat gift box A Care Package for a Sailor

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-04
large flat gift box A Care Package for a Sailor
My husband and I sent care packages to our son who served on the Nimitz and had a great time.We always send care packages that are shared enough.Our son says his friends like to see what's in the box and speculate and comment on why we send this or that.
It breaks the monotony and everyone likes it.It's a little morale boost.Of course, the care package is not just for sailors.Your soldiers, Marines, coastie, pilots or college students will love them too!What is included in the care package?What do your sailors like?Now let's talk about the interesting part.
First of all, we sent what we knew our son liked.It could be a goldfish cookie, a peanut butter cup from Reese, a Dutch pepper mint, a duplex cookie, or an almond Rocca.Secondly, we look for some items with entertainment value.
Everyone liked the Dutch pepper mint and joked about them, so we sent it several times.We used to send Jelly Belly flip-flops.These are not perfect Jelly Bellies, may be the color of the taste is not right, may also be two stuck together.They had a good time.Once we sent a bunch of atomic fireballs.They played against those people to see how much they could hold in their mouths.
The favorite is probably the red velvet cookies from the grocery store bakery.Surprisingly, they arrived all the way to the Middle East and the sailors loved them.They asked us to send it again and we even received a thank you letter about these cookies.
Some people also commented that it was not suitable for wearing overalls.;-The next thing is that he must not store too much.No room at all.He took out what he wanted from the box and shared the rest.
There's nothing to store!One place we like to go is the grocery store.Their prices are high and they have something that you might not see in a regular grocery store.We often find something unusual there, such as a gum mouth with a tongue.
...and teeth.
Trader Joes is another of the most popular shopping places.They have delicious food including chocolate almonds, British toffee and many different sweets, cookies and cookies.When he was on the east coast in winter, we were shopping here.
You don't want to send chocolate overseas when it's hot.Here are some of the things in the next care package.Lucky cookies, gum, Starbucks chocolate and Anne's cheddar cheese rabbit.
Update: This care pack was sent when the ship was in the US and it was not hot.Chocolate should not go abroad.A small home.When they are in a hot climate, they won't.It's not because of the hot climate!Nick likes Kasseri cheese, a Greek cheese that is not always everywhere.
When he was stationed in New York, he worked 12 hours a day and had no time and no interest in going to the grocery store for shopping.I frozen a few Kasseri cheeses overnight and packed it early Monday morning, took it to the post office and sent it a priority email.He received it a few days later. it's okay.It was like a small home to him.In the new year, I sent two boxes of biscuits, two sausages and three packs of cheese.
They arrived in good condition but I wouldn't do it in hot weather.Sometimes it takes me a while to sort out a care pack.I will have a box ready and then when I see what I think will be appreciated I will buy them and put them in the box.
When I have enough stuff to fill it up, I will tape it up and send it.It is usually good to send things that are not easy to rot.If I knew he was going out to sea for sea trials, or it was a long-term deployment, I wouldn't send cheese or something like that.
Movies too!Most sailors bring something at sea to prevent them from getting bored.TV shows are perfect for getting away from boredom!Think about what TV shows or movies your sailor likes and include the DVD in the care pack.The sailors of the same berth will share what they show so that it can be used well and help to stay away from boredom.
This also applies to movies.
T-Practical items for the care package.
Update: One of my readers said they are now wearing a blue shirt under their work clothes.Be sure to check with your sailor what kind of shirt to send.My son said there was a problem with the water on one of their underground passages and no one could do laundry.
The shop on the ship soon sold out white t-Many sailors don't have clean T-shirts.The shirt they have to wear.Mothers suggest white t-Because the sailors needed these things and sometimes couldn't get them, shirts, socks and underwear.Make sure you know the sailor's size so you can send these things when necessary.
Send something interesting!I have heard that morale is starting to drop after three months of long-term deployment.This will be a good time to send some great care packages from home.Ask your sailors what they want to receive.
Potato chips and dipping sauce and beef jerky, energy drinks, candy and biscuits are popular.You never know what interesting things you will find in the dollar store.In the new year, we found a bunch of glowing stick types.
I heard that spray guns and toy planes are very interesting.The foam package is light in weight and not as messy as the foam peanuts.The recipient of your care package will appreciate the fact that they do not have to clean up the static charging garbage of the Stello peanuts.
If you have foam plastic peanuts that you want to run out of, tie them to a plastic shopping bag and use them this way.It makes cleaning easier.The packaging material may be expensive.Sometimes, I pick up a big bag or a box of peanuts or foam packs for free in Freecycle.You can also use air pillows.A lot of times I will buy hard sugar in separate packaging as packing material.
It fills the hole so that things don't slide around, which is an extra treatment.I recommend Scotch whisky brand packaging/shipping tape.You can get a cheaper tape, but I think it will cost more in the end.
Cheap tape would shed tears and stick to myself and I ended up throwing away a lot.I like the Scotch brand tape because it is very strong.Do you know that free boxes can be obtained by mailing care packages?You can pick them up at the post office or order from usps.
They will be delivered to your door.
I like the big flat rate.
No matter how much it is, the cost is the same.This is an economical way to send care packages to your loved ones in the Army.It is a good idea to visit your local post office where you will post your care package.
You can see what supplies they have and they can answer any questions you may have.Send your care package to the APO or FPO address..This is another thing you can buy at the post office or you can order online for free.
You can fill it out online, but I did it once and spent 5 sheets of paper, so I decided it would be better to get the form at the post office and fill it out manually.If you are not sure which form to use, just ask at the post office and they will know.Ask them to give you a few things to keep on hand and then you can fill them out at home before you bring the package to the Post Office.
This is easier.
Indian Ocean (October 1, 2009) logistics expert level 1st Dane Bank sorts out mail at the cokuwan of aircraft carrier Nimitz (CVN 68) at sea with fast combat support vessel USNS Bridge (T-AOE 10).The Navy's mother, navyformoms ).Com) undertakes the task of sending socks or gift bags to every sailor in the 11 th aircraft carrier battle group for Christmas 2009.Their deployment has been extended for two months and will not go home for Christmas that year.
Groups across the country volunteered to help us.Real estate agent, church, Scout, WalmartMarts, school children, VFWs, American Legion, Moose Lodge, Elks Lodge, and others who volunteer to make cards or donate cash or goods for us.It was moving to see so many Americans willing to help the Nimitz family make Christmas more enjoyable for our sailors.
Update: This has become an annual project.Navy mothers have adopted the carrier battle group deployed on Christmas Day, and each sailor gets a candy bag and a card.This is a pile of 32,000 pounds letters on the hangar deck of the USS Eisenhower.
You can see why you want to make sure you have solid packaging.What if your care bag is at the bottom of that pile?Also, you will notice that this email was sent during Eisenhower's time in the Arabian Sea.If your sailor is in the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, or any other hot place, make sure not to send chocolate or anything else that will melt or rot.
Chocolate is a very popular care package, but the sailors are told not to send it because it will melt.It then leaked out of the box and destroyed someone else's care bag.Arabian Sea (April 23, 2009 )-Sailors on the aircraft carrier DwightAt sea supply, Eisenhower sorted out 32,000 pounds emails.
It's as if I 've been sending sender to the designated care package.That's OK, because it's something I like.Do you send care packages?Who did you send them?Welcome home in America!Every carrier and some other ships have shirts to welcome home.If you want a shirt that I don't have in my store, please let me know and I will do it for you.
Leave a comment on this page or contact me via the Contact button on my profile page.What's in your care bag?
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