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large flat gift box How to Gift Wrap Extra Large Gifts

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-13
large flat gift box How to Gift Wrap Extra Large Gifts
If the gift you send is very large, you may find it difficult to wrap the gift in wrapping paper.You may even have a very large gift with no box or label outside the big box you want to hide.You can use a wide variety of items and creative packaging to keep the gift pleasantly surprised.
Put the gift in something useful and turn it into another gift.For example, buy a suitcase large enough to pack a gift.The suitcase can then be used for travel.If the suitcase is too small to hide the oversized gift, please use the large laundry basket or storage box.
Use cheap vinyl tablecloth.
If a piece of tablecloth is not enough, please purchase the number required to pack the gift.The size of the tablecloth will be on the wrapping paper, so you can figure out how much you need to buy to wrap the gift.These tablecloths are colorful and have patterns suitable for festivals such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter.
You can also use the remaining fabrics, lightweight blankets or sheets in the sewing project.Ask for a box big enough as a gift.Visit local appliance shops, moving and warehousing companies or local auto repair shops.These businesses throw away very large boxes in their daily lives.
You can cut off one side of the box, wrap the other side, and put the box on your oversized gift.Secure the package in place using staples or masking tape.If you need something stronger, use a strap.
To decorate your big gifts, buy some cheap party balloons, blow them up and stick them on the gift with tape.You can also buy paper strips or wide ribbons as bows
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