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large flat gift box How to Make a Cardboard Cylindrical Box

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-13
large flat gift box How to Make a Cardboard Cylindrical Box
There are many uses for cartons.You can use it as a pencil case, gift box, flower pot or a place to store small items.You are only limited by your size and imagination.In addition, it is very easy to make cylindrical boxes with cardboard.
It was a great project for a rainy afternoon, very simple and even the kids could do it.Also, once you 've finished making the boxes, you can decorate them as you like.Determine the size of your cylindrical box.
The instructions provided here are for a box with a height of 8 inch and a diameter of about 5 inch, but can be modified to any size.Put your cardboard flat.Measure and draw a rectangle of 8 inch by 16 inch.Measure and draw two rectangles of 1/2 by 16 1/8.
Cut all three rectangles.
Two, 1/2-inch by 16 1/8-Rectangular inch.
Pick up the 8-inches by 16-Inch rectangle.Run a thin line of super glue along an 8-EdgeRectangular inch side of your cardboard.Roll the cardboard rectangle into a cylinder to make the edges stick together.
Reinforce the bonded edges with adhesive tape.Place the cardboard cartridge on the remaining cardboard sheet.Loop tracking.Move the cylinder to the new section and track another circle.
Cut off these two cardboard rings.
Run a thin line of super glue on the edge of these two circles.Glue a thin rectangle previously set aside to each circle to form a cover.Be sure to stick the ends of the rectangle together.
If required, glue one of the covers to the large cardboard cartridge to form the bottom of a connection.Otherwise, simply use these covers at both ends of the large cylinder to close your box
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