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large flat gift box How to Ship a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines: LBC International Shipping Service

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-04
large flat gift box How to Ship a Balikbayan Box to the Philippines: LBC International Shipping Service
My name is Lea, a Filipino who immigrated to the United States 17 years ago.Like most Filipinos, I need to find a balikbayan box service that delivers food, clothes, etc to my home.I ended up trying two different shipping companies in Michigan and the results were mixed.
It took four months for a box to be delivered, another box was opened and some of the contents were missing.Not happy with both companies and decided not to send any boxes until I found a better solution.One day I went to Chicago to see some friends and was invited to dinner.
At the party I met an LBC freight forwarder so of course I talked to him and told him about my bad experience with the shipping box.Then he told me how safe it is to ship with LBC and I should try it.After dinner I mentioned to him that I would love to be an agent because they have no service in my area and then the next day he invited me to visit the warehouse at the company office in Chicago, and talk to the manager about the possibility of becoming an agent.
I was very impressed with the company and I was invited to join the team after the meeting.That's why I became a partner in LBC.What is the Balikbayan box?Founded in the 1950 s, LBC is considered the leading box shipping service company in the Philippines and has more than 600 branches nationwide.LBC has become a trusted household name in the Philippines and around the world.
The Balikbayan Box, or the "back home Box", is a large Box filled with the necessities and gifts of Filipino loved ones.LBC offers guaranteed regular cargoShip departure to ensure timely delivery.Most deliveries were completed within eight to ten weeks of delivery from the US, with delivery areas across the Philippines including Metro Manila, Luzon and Mindanao.
Safe and reliable, agents pick up goods at home-to-Door, make sure your loved ones receive them safely.My experience as an LBC agent over the last decade has made me understand their huge differences in box shipping lines.In the Philippines, there are small companies that have been blacklisted by the German Trade Development Agency for failing to deliver the box, and you can find the list of band companies on the German Trade Development Agency website.
Some of these companies advertise at very low door rate then failed to remit the necessary funds to the cargo counterparts in the Philippines, resulting in the case being abandoned at the port rather than delivered.Many of these small shipping companies have only been operating for a few years and do not have the infrastructure of LBC in the Philippines.
The further you are away from Manila, the more problematic the delivery boxes are, because they simply do not have the necessary quantity to transport the boxes economically to bases in the far-flung regions of the Philippines in a timely manner.I can honestly say that my customers have not lost a box or item in the last ten years.In rare cases, the box is delayed, often due to an error in the sender's consignee address.
The address may be difficult to find at home, so be careful to write the address correctly and clearly on the box, and always include a written PH # on the box #.Transport basic information.It all starts with the agent who drives to pick up your box.The agent then stores the box until enough boxes are collected to be delivered to the warehouse and then put into the container.
They are then transported to the port by rail or truck, where they are loaded onto the ship and delivered to their destination.There are many things that will affect the delivery time of your case.U.S.In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security of the Philippines and their counter departments have stepped up random searches for containers, causing delays.
Especially in the typhoon season, the weather will affect the transportation time.Be sure to declare and pay any necessary duties before your box leaves the US, in case your box is inspected when it arrives in the Philippines, so that, your family will not be in trouble because they have to pay tariffs to claim the box.Every box you send has a basic $200.00 coverage for loss or damage.Additional insurance can be purchased before shipping.
Custom-If you want to send large items to the Philippines, like the big apartment --We can help with the TV or the recliner.Call us and let us know the exact box size and we will quote you.Pack your box carefully.Place clothes and any fragile liquid container in a separate bag inside the box.
Keep the space in the smallest pocket with foam wrap or clothes.This will prevent everything in the box from banging together.When sending candy, clothes and toys to kids, it's a good idea to put things in separate bags and label them by name, so when the box is open, they don't have to figure out who got what.
Tape All seams firmly with high tapeQuality of transparent box tape.Do not use tape when the box in the container enters the tropical heat. Heat and moisture can cause duck tape to fall off the box.
I recommend lining your box in plastic bags so that any moisture can be prevented from entering and any liquid that you put in the box can be prevented from overflowing.Do not fill the box to the extent that the size of the box changes.You don't want to take the risk of rejecting your box at the shipping center.
It is forbidden to put prohibited articles into firearms, ammunition, pornography, inflammable and explosive articles.You must write down the complete name, address and phone number of the sender and recipient.Make sure they are clearly visible and not covered with tape.
You will need to provide the current driver's license number when filling out the shipping form
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