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magnetic gift box suppliers the gift of love -

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-05
magnetic gift box suppliers the gift of love -
Tis the Season!There is another house at dusk, with bright lights shining with joy.Every store experience brings a new version of Christmas Eve.As catalogues and coupons beg for the last minute shopping business, the daily travel to the mailbox is getting heavier and heavier.
Yup!The holiday is here!When I think about what to buy for my loved ones, I can't help but hear the scathing words of my beloved daughter ringing in my ear."Mom, I don't want anything for Christmas.I don't like this time of year!"When I recall the Christmas Memory, part of my wrench was in it.
I can still see her running down the stairs in pink Ariel feet pajamas, rushing to open her "big" gift box, smiling from ear to ear, then rush to the next gift in line.When she opened another day on the Advent calendar, the happy scream was still chattering in my head.Just last year, we went to the grocery store many times to make sure that we had all our favorite sweets prepared for the annual gingerbread house production event.
How did she get to a place she didn't like at this time of year?I only remember happy times.The other part of me knows why she doesn't like the season.As she matured to adulthood, I watched her become more aware of the truth beneath the surface.
She knew intuitively that it was a difficult time of the year for many people.As a natural barometer of the world around her, she can feel it.Feeling the pressure of love and joy in the dark and cold can be daunting.
The family reunion was stressed and stressed.Memories of past loved ones have become relentless and painful.Of course, there are economic concerns.Does that mean we all just run away and hide?While the holidays bring challenges, they also bring opportunities.
The opportunity to stand in your truth.
Release the chance of old patterns that no longer feel good.The opportunity to grow and develop new traditions that nurture your soul.In the past 5 years I have evolved from a person who is as excited as my child to open up all kinds of delicious stockings that can be imagined to a person who carefully considers how to contribute in a purposeful way.
people .
..... Appreciation and service for human beings.Countless gift cards for nieces and nephews who have lived a rich life have become donations from various charitable organizations under their name, such as Heifer International.I know their parents make sure they have enough to open.
My mother is looking forward to the annual membership of her favorite dating books "Crystal ginger" and "Mysterious Harbor.She loves the idea of a gift that allows her to attend lectures and seminars on maritime stories and historical shipping, which she can share with her husband over the next year.My father is looking forward to donating a book to the Committee on the conservation of natural resources.
He is very excited because what he really wants to see is his children and grandchildren.My kids know that our family's belief in giving gifts during the holidays has changed and they list their first three gift options.They are very satisfied.They already know how happy they are.They know they don't need another video game that lasts two days and then collect dust until it's broken or given away.
Just recently, they witnessed the Barbie doll house, which had been enjoyed several times before moving to the corner of the playroom, then to the attic, then to the garage, and then to the dump.They are aware of the extra "things" in our lives and thank us for the lessons we have consciously taught.Close friends on my list look forward to a "little thing" that encourages them to explore their personal spirituality and Goddess self.
I look forward to their reciprocal gesture.Open the door for personal growth, then what do I ask my brother who works 70 hours a week and has everything he wants to do, but looking forward to an expensive sweater, just don't understand the idea of making charitable donations in his name?I remember his passion for sailing when he was a child, and I wondered if bringing this love of the ocean back to reality would help him restore his connection to the natural world and nurture his soul.Maybe he'll love the eternal sea christian Buchet and Philip Plisson reading hundreds of stunning ocean photos or copies of the Sea heart by nazarille fibrik on his business trip.
As I reflect on this change that is directly related to my deeper relationship with angels, I observe that others around me are doing the same thing ...... Want to give back .......Want to serve ......Want to replace the habit they used to give spiritual at the material level.I know with a smile that our world is moving in the direction of peace.
I wonder if the challenges of this season will decrease accordingly as people evolve from heart and soul to giving?If you give, you will get it.Remember who season you really are!I wish you a happy holiday, full of love, laughter and all the good things.Rev.Nina RoeP.S.For those of you who think my daughter must be from another planet, as December 25 approaches, she timidly begins to share the "list" of her three things ", and look forward to sharing holidays with family and friends.
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