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magnetic gift boxes australia 20 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-01
magnetic gift boxes australia 20 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas
People who say Diamond is the girl's best friend obviously forgot to make up!There are more products on the market than ever before, and it's hard not to have a lot of cosmetics in your war paint Library.Look at these awesome ideas if your vanity corner looks more disastrous than HappyMake a mess of your stuff..Save candle cans to store different types of cosmetics so you can easily find and retrieve them.
Store up to 30 kinds of cosmetics in this hand beauty organizer, including the docking station of the IPad.The bathroom storage Mason jar can easily be glued to the painted board with a pipe clip, making everything at your fingertips and making things look elegant.Store your hair care tools safely in this mirror cabinet and organize them.
No more clutter, no more wires and increased bathroom storage!Make a DIY nail polish rack with redesigned Wood to show off your favorite nail polish.Glass jars are a very practical and beautiful way to store items such as brushes and eye shadows.Cover old containers with scrapbook paper to save budgetFriendly storage solution for cosmetics.
Use the stationery organizer to keep everything clean and tidy on your dresser.Fill a jar with crystal pebbles and fill it with a brush.Go further by labeling each jar.Buy an old frame and stick it on your magnetic board.
Customize it with wallpaper and mae to make sure there are magnets for each product.Don't forget to click on the link at the top of the page to get the full tutorial!Draw a spice shelf from a charity or dollar store to show nail polish.Use the cute packaging of gift boxes (such as bathroom suits) to make beautiful compartments for your productionup.
11) Roll-This case is perfect for traveling and is also very practical for the daily storage of makeup brushes.Cleverly, there is a sticky magnetic roller attached to the brush here.Store the eyeshadow palette on the cycle shelf for an amazing organization.
Use toothpick dispenser as q-tip dispenser.This layered tray can be made from the dollar store tray and the candle holder and painted according to the color you need.Drill holes in wooden blocks such as logs and you have a handy DIY stand!Create precious space with these threeFloor Trolley with cosmetic mirror on top.
This is actually a stack of two units.
Each unit has six drawers and everything is hidden and looks funky.Help your friendsGet more helpful tips
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