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mobile phone packaging box online shopping articles - apple iphone 3gapple iphone 3g ...

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-26
mobile phone packaging box online shopping articles - apple iphone 3gapple iphone 3g ...
Apple's sense of design has always been excellent;The IPhone 3g did not break the consistency.When you first saw itYou will think the price of iPod Touch is very high.fat diet.It looks better than its predecessor (iPhone 2G.
The black model we received was beautifully made;Thankfully, the rear is resistant to normal stains and scratches.It's not a very thick device, but it feels great.Although 3.5-This is not a design flaw.The quality of the building is very good.The highest quality buttons and switches on the deviceclass.
Even the SIM tray is suitable for flush;It is very good to pay attention to the details.The buttons on the side, top and headphone jack are chrome plated, and the black border and chrome trim add further visual appeal.Apple's menu system is great and the single main menu button is perfect.
The appeal of the 3g lies in its simple and easy-to-use interface, as well as the pure fun and fun of the perfectly working touch and finger sliding navigation system.Proximity Sensor and lowThe light sensor works perfectly.IPhone menu works fine but openThe screen keyboard is a bit small, you will do some incorrect keys in a month or so, which will not satisfy the Spam lovers.
However, the telephone number book is huge;And you have too few phone numbers.Sending and receiving sms from a single number is displayed as a single entry and the last message is exchanged as a preview;The rest of the messages are displayed in a small green dialog box, visible when selecting the relevant entry;A new concept that needs to be used.Multiple messages still cannot be deleted or selected.
For some people, the text input box may also appear too small for actual use.If you try to edit the message after typing the message;The built-in magnifying glass helps to enlarge the position of the finger touch, but the navigation of the cursor in the text body is still a tricky thing.You cannot also save the typed SMS as a draft, and the built-in email options allow you to save multiple email id and password information for uick's use;though the on-The screen keyboard once again raises the ugly head to ruin the party.
Its Safari browser is very basic.
Java or Flash is not supported.
Copy/paste is also not supported-Serious omissionWe also noticed that the touch interface only uses the finger, not the stylus or the nail --ladies beware.If you think you can get a Bluetooth keyboard to make up for itScreen keyboard, think again;The IPhone's Bluetooth only works with the headset-No keyboard, no file transfer.Bundled GPS and Google Maps work together-Better than Nokia Maps.
Apple's built-in scheduler and calendar works well;As good as any PDA.Many games are pre-installed, but there is no serious office app supported by documents and spreadsheets.Some of these apps reduce the speed of the phonebig time;Although in most cases it is quite sensitive.
The IPhone is a good phone in terms of signal quality --It is a bit behind Nokia's best phone in this regard.The voice quality is good but the volume is a bit low.Sadly, the quality of the speakers is very poorLike a cheap CDMA device.
A lot of distortion occurs when a voice call is placed on the speaker.The headset looks like Apple's earbuds, but it features a small microphone unit that is very small and easy to miss.The voice quality of this hands-free unit is absolutely first-class;Great volume.
The claimed battery call time is 10 hours;This is not the case. we measured this more like five hours.Good quality MP3;There are no other mobile phones nearby.It has a gorgeous video screen.For the music, be sure to throw away the bundled earplugs.
8 or 16 gb of built-in storage is enough for most people;If not, you should remember that expansion is not an option.The camera is a normal 2 megapixel, isn't the advantage of this phoneYou can't even record the video!Sadly, Apple's iPhone 3 Gonly is part of the Service Provider Program --You cannot buy Airtel or Vodafone unless you are a customer.Our equipment is available by Airtel for RS 31,000 and RS 36,100.
Airtel's first 500 MB data usage is free, after which you pay the nominal fee of 30 paisa per 50 KB.For more details about technical news Indialog on toJohn Wells, please provide the best and latest information about the motherboard and laptop
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