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paper bag tags a special moment in time….. -

by:Mengsheng     2020-03-15
It was in October 1982, my hometown of Berlin, on the outskirts of central Connecticut.The temperature outside is 60 degrees, reaching its peak in autumn.I was waiting to pick up a stack of my papers from the new British Herald at the corner of wildermere Avenue and the lower Lane.I'm not in a hurry this Friday afternoon, and I have no obligation to speak except to play flashlight tag games with some of my neighborhood friends at night.I decided to go my route today instead of riding a bike as usual.My file was finally delivered and I tore off the yellow plastic label that put a stack of files together and stuffed it in my paper bag.My paper bag has a long shoulder strap and there used to be an orange mirror on the strap, but since it was rolled up and attached to the handle of my bike, it was almost completely removed.So, I started my route along the lower Lane, along the waterington Ridge, along Peter Parry Street, and then went back home to Peter Parry Street on the corner of Kramer Avenue and the lower Lane.When I deliver each piece of paper in each house, I have a pattern that I will go through.Each house has its own specific requirements for where they deliver their papers.Most houses prefer to ship paper between screen doors and storm doors.Every once in a while, when the storm door of a particular house opens, a challenge comes up and I have to have the perfect time to open the screen door and throw the paper in, and avoid racing dogs towards the door.I often see on old TV shows that kids are walking down the street by bike, throwing newspapers in the driveway at home, and I will think how they do it.As I continued my route, I noticed in particular some of the big maple leaves that fell on the ground and the fresh smell in the autumn air.For a moment, everything seemed to freeze in time, and I put aside all the stress that any 10-year-old had experienced in life.I didn't think about how I misspelled a word in the spelling test we had that day.Pulito gave it to us, or I saw the liver unfreeze on the kitchen counter for dinner that night.I am immersed in the "moment", breathing the fresh air, admiring my life, my family and anything that comes to mind.I am a happy and lucky child.I remember clearly that I was wondering if it was normal for a 10 year old to enjoy this joy around him, and what would my friends or family think if I shared this.I didn't know at the time, about 27 years later, I would write about this special moment in my life that brought me so much joy.When I think back to that time, I'm sure I have a lot of ideas in my little head, but what my conscious brain captures is that surreal sense of beauty, as if it knew I would go back there one day to relive it.In our lives, we all have these places and good times buried in our underground.Consciously, don't take the time to dig them up and re-examine them.We should take these "moments" of the past out of the cellar and let gratitude prevail, which is a responsibility to ourselves and society.Gratitude may just be a word for some, but for me it is strong enough to heal thousands of wounds.I challenge you to get into your brain closet and get out of the dark, and in your life, some past experiences make you smile.If you smile, you will let the people around you do the same.Make it the best day ever!!!
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