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paper folding gift box Fun With Paper Folding And Origami - How To Make Origami Toothpick Holders

by:Mengsheng     2020-04-15
paper folding gift box Fun With Paper Folding And Origami - How To Make Origami Toothpick Holders
Origami is the art of origami.Some people make origami for fun. some people make origami for relaxation.The tutorials here will show you how to make useful things with origami and you will make your own toothpick stand with paper!Origami paper, wrapping paper and plain copy paper can be used for these paper crafts.There are three different toothpick brackets to make, so let's get started!No-It's easy if you need a small toothpick holder to store some toothpicksto-Origami toothpick stand can be made in a minute or two.Without a toothpick poke, you can safely put it in your wallet or shirt pocket!To make this toothpick stand, cut a square sheet of paper 10 cm by 10 cm.
Follow the origami instructions and pictures below to makeOrigami toothpick.The next tutorial is about how to make an origami toothpick box that can hold more toothpicks.The toothpick box protects both ends of the toothpick and also prevents the toothpick from falling off.
There is a useful origami item in your bag, wallet or briefcase, especially when you are traveling.Follow the origami instructions below to fold this origami craft using the correct paper size of 14 cm by 14 cm.The next piece of paper to be made is a miniature origami shirt for toothpicks.
There are several ways to fold origami shirts, but this is the right way to make a miniature origami shirt into a toothpick bracket.Make the origami shirt toothpick bracket according to the pictures and instructions below.The appropriate size of the paper to be used is 15 cm by 7 cm.
: A piece of A4 size paper can be cut into six rectangular pieces of paper, and they are exactly the right size for this origami project.These origami toothpick brackets can be placed next to the center©When entertaining guests at home.Toothpicks are a great tool for picking appetizers.
If your guests need to use some toothpick as a cocktail bar, they can purchase these handmade toothpick holders by themselves.You can customize the toothpick stand of different themes and colors according to different occasions.To be creative, use origami with different designs and colors in all origami projects.
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